Why do we wear makeup: a teenage perspective

A while ago someone asked me why I wear makeup and I replied because it makes me confident; I think they didn’t quite realise why it made me confident, the fact is although they may think I don’t look any different with or without makeup – makeup makes me confident in the sense that it just makes me feel prettier, from the inside out I’m a much more confident person when wear it. But it made me think: why do we wear makeup? 

When talking makeup and why women should wear it, I think it’s quite a blurred picture. The media say you should wear it if you want to wear it, because it’s fun and not any other reasons but on the other hand companies are also trying to sell us things that we ‘need’ to use – like we were doing are makeup all wrong before. Makeup is fun and we should all wear it because we want to wear it and not because we feel we have to – that isn’t always the case though. 

When growing up nowadays I feel there’s a lot more pressure to fit in, whether that is makeup or fashion – it all counts. But why wear makeup? As beauty bloggers promote that we should wear makeup for for fun, to play with all the different textures and looks etc. teenagers may find it to see this, and there’s a fine line between wanting to wear it and feeling like you have to.

Is it just me who feels this? Girls are having a lot more pressure to look good, but that also comes with self confidence issues as well. I asked a couple of my friends why they wear makeup and this was their responses; 

“I wear makeup because I feel like I need to because without it I just look awful.”

“Makeup gives me confidence.” 

“I wear makeup because I feel insecure without it.” 

So from a 14 year olds perspective to makeup it is like it’s a second skin, enhances confidence and generally makes us feel that we need to wear it. Do we? No that’s the simple answer. We don’t need makeup but it helps us to be more confident and I think every woman should be confident in their own skin – whether that’s wearing makeup or not.

We don’t put makeup on to impress people, makeup makes us feel fantastic. It’s for making us happy, confident beings, a step to living a healthy and upbeat life. Whether it’s wearing makeup or not – it should be there to make us smile (I certainly do when I get a new cosmetic product). It’s you’re choice what you wear and other people shouldn’t tell you when and why you should use it. 

The bottom line? We are all beautiful no matter what you put on your face. Want to wear makeup? Fine. Don’t want to wear makeup? That’s also fine. Just don’t let the media or people around you tell you otherwise – you’re beautiful no matter how you choose to show it on the outside. 

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