What’s in my handbag?

Despite not being the neatest person, my bag is something I pride myself in – I know where everything is and there is hardly anything I don’t need (other than a growing pile of receipts)! I love being nosy and seeing what’s in other people’s bags so I thought I’d write a blog post on what’s in mine! This particular bag is from Topshop (I’ve linked one similar) and I I think it’s so simple and gorgeous. It’s not the best bag for a rainy day as its suede but when the weather is right this bag is perfect! It’s a great size as well, limiting the amount you can fit in.

Without even saying my phone is a necessary in my bag; I could leave the house without it but on the go you never know when you might need to phone or text someone. Oddly enough I have a waterproof mascara in my bag, I don’t quite know why it’s in there but I think I wanted to touch up my makeup so I put it in there and forgot to take it out. I have to say the Maybelline waterproof mascara is pretty great though! A hand gel is always handy and who leaves the house without at least 3 lip options in their bag ?? I’m totally joking as I only have two and even that’s too many – I currently cannot locate my Carmex although that should probably go in my bag as well. The two lipsticks presently in my bag are Mac Twig (aka the love of my life) and L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche in Eva’s nude; a fantastic pinky nude that goes with pretty much anything I’m wearing.
Bobby pins get EVERYWHERE in my room, but you’ll also find them in my bag. The amount of times I’ve had to pin some escaping hair and there has not been a bobby pin handy is ridiculous, so I always keep a stash in my bag just in case – a hair band is also another friendly companion. For an ‘on the go’ spritz the I love Raspberry and Blackberry spray is just perfect. If you don’t know the scent already you neeeeed to go into Superdrug and spray it – the smell is just amazing. 
That is what’s in my bag and I hope you’ve enjoyed having a nosy! What’s a must have in your bag?


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