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I almost feel as if I have neglected a child with this project. It wasn’t just because the kit was sent to me and I had committed myself to making the greatest piece of knitting I had ever done but because I really wanted to finish it and I dedicated my evenings to knitting even just one row to ensure that one day in the *very* near future that I would finish it.

That was at the end of August last year and the unfinished project of my Wool and The Gang jumper is sat staring at me ominously across my bedroom, still yearning to be picked up and sewn together. Yes, it is just the final piecing of the jumper front, back and sleeves that will lead to the project being finished which makes me feel even worse about it being nearly a year since I embarked on making the jumper and at least four months since I left it to gather dust (it isn’t but it might as well be that way). So is there any hope that I shall finish this jumper? Despite the negative tone at the start of this blog post I feel confident that I will, at some point, complete the project and can then write a title called ‘finished projects’ rather than the quiet sense of failure of not actually completing something I was sent kindly by the brand. The Julia Jumper*, which yes has a name attached and has thus been given actual human qualities of negligence towards it, is still on the website if you would like to buy it. For a knitting novice it was not too difficult and despite a few holes I think that when I do finally get round to finishing it, that I’ll be able to wear it out the house – that’s the goal anyway.



So why is Wool And The Gang so cool? Other than making the idea of knitting incredibly cool and developing kits that people of all ages want to buy, their Instagram is engaging and basically can I just wear all their kits without having to make them? The projects are the type of hobby I want to take up and be able to write about on my UCAS statement because it is definitely an extra curricular activity that provides me with equal joy to lets say playing the piano. Not perhaps for me personally because I’m a self confessed knitting lover but for other people, they’ve developed an image that makes knitting fun and also makes it accessible for others in an ethical way. What’s not to love?



Their wool is also something to make a note of, especially their Billie Jean Yarn, a denim derivative using upcycled yarn to help aid you in creating some gorgeous (and sustainable) knitted pieces. In my post about ethical denim brands, which I should really do a part two of, I went into the wool in more detail; again with a sustained reverential image of Wool And The Gang.

The brand are one of my favourites for all things creative and whilst I still have unfinished projects, I think I’m going to buy one of the bags to crochet because I’m in need of a new sewing project to satisfy my creative tendencies and yes I will finish the jumper but I have a feeling crocheting is more my field. Seeing as inspirations needed to flow a little more I thought I would create a little Wool and The Gang mood board.

unfinishedprojects (1)
off the shoulder top, freedom jumper, gigi bra

Feeling dejected creatively is something that I have come to learn as completely normal. As my course of education has become an increasingly academic pathway, I’ve left art and textiles to the waste side. Last summer was fruitful in how much I sewed and I wear the pieces I made so often. Will it be the same this year? Have I forgotten how to sew? Do I still love it? Hopefully yes to all three questions. There’s a cathartic release that results from spending the day at a sewing machine whilst a new box set on Netflix plays at the side, episodes skipping through each other at a rapid rate.

unfinishedprojects7.jpgunfinishedprojects2 (1).jpg

Last summer did hold the opportunity of carrying on textiles to A Level (or AS) but wow am I glad I didn’t. I chose French instead, changed it from an AS to an A Level and here I am deciding that I’m going to study French (and History of course) at university. Was this a contributory factor in the downfall of my creative pursuits? Maybe. I now read books in the evenings in front of the TV rather than knit. I’m not too sure which one grants me a larger ‘grandma’ status but I favour both, almost, equally and I hope that during the summer I can find a balance of bookworm by day and proficient knitter by night. But, I did finish a project last summer! It was a crochet top that I dedicated a whole post to because I loved it so much and I still love it this year, perhaps I’m even brave enough to wear it by itself?


Even if my sewing machine isn’t out as much as I’d like it to, I will finish my jumper and I will start (and conquer) some new projects. Whether that is Wool And The Gang or something I’ve made up, there will be some new and snazzy garms that I’m sure will be appearing on Eleanor Claudie soon. Do you have any projects on the go, or maybe even some unfinished ones? 

lots of love, Eleanor xx

*anything marked with an asterisk was kindly sent to me, and all views are my own.


  1. Keith 13th June 2018 at 10:13 pm

    Starting a project and following it all the way to the end (especially knitting) it’s always a difficult task but it’s worth it in the end and a jumper with a fantastic story is much better than a store brought jumper. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Keith

  2. Dalal Tahira 14th June 2018 at 11:28 am

    Slightly irrelevant but I read this post just before going into my history exam as a way to disconnect from it all and go in with a fresh mind and it was perfect so thank you! There’s always so much pressure to get things done, especially when you’ve documented it online through your blog and feel like you *have* to finish it off because you’ve put it on the internet lol. I love the crochet vest top, I can imagine it with a pair of jeans or even black culottes as well- you wear it so well! Looking forward to seeing the finished product (no pressure 😉

    Dalal // dalaltahira.com

  3. Katie Hunter 14th June 2018 at 10:29 pm

    ahh Eleanor this a) totally reflects how I feel about projects and b) has totally inspired me to start a summer project. I guess the question now is what to choose…I’ve had the exact same thing with choosing an academic path and loosing the creativity that I spent SO much of my time divulging in. I haven’t even been that creative this year even though I’ve had more time (I suppose I knitted a scarf and sewed a few makeup bags/purses but nothing that deserves the title of a ‘project’ but I REALLY want to do it over summer now before life gets busy again!! also the matisse cut outs are my absolute favourite pieces of art work and these pics have just confirmed how much I love them <3 and finally I adore adore adore that crocheted top and gal it looks amazing!

  4. Lucy Jane 15th June 2018 at 4:53 pm

    I feel ya, it takes a lot for me to gain inspiration to actually start new creative projects, I have so many ideas but they all just swim around my head! Adore the lil crochet top you’re wearing, it looks so so cute!!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  5. Fran 19th June 2018 at 10:48 am

    It’s comforting to hear that I’m not the only one with unfinished projects. I have a lot of projects that I’ve started but exams got in the way so they had to take a back seat. Now my exams are over, I’m free until October but I just want to stay in bed and sleep all day, need the motivation Gods to send lots and lots of motivation my way right now

    Fran | http://www.franciscarockey.co.uk

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