Uncover a beautiful nude palette

Collection’s eyes uncovered palette is nothing entirely new to the bloggers world, they’ve been floating about the shops since February this year, but recently I’ve been using it a lot to create a subtle nude look. The palettes come in three shades – nude, grey nude and grey bronze, the one above being nude. Despite loving bold looks, nude eyes are my go to staple look – it’s versatile, quick and easy. The collection palette is nothing new to this area of makeup. 
I have to say, I am pretty impressed with this palette – the colour pay off isn’t incredible, but for £3.99 it’s pretty good in the long run. Comparing it to the naked basics palette (a very similar product) it is no where near as good. But it is hard to match such a prestigious brand for eye shadows – and I think it’s done a pretty good job. For a budget buy, a do-it-all palette is hard to come buy, yet I think collection have achieved it! 
A tip I’ve discovered due to my eyebrow pencil finishing (I wasn’t organised and didn’t buy a new one in advance *cry*) I managed to use this instead for the time being! Just mixing the third and fourth shades together with a slanted brush, I was good to go! 
If you’re on the hunt for a basic everyday eye palette and don’t know where to look, why not check out this one – you might be surprised!

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