Turn off the phone

Without a question of a doubt, I spend a lot more time on my phone than I should. I think that a lot of us spend more time on our phone and the internet than we care to admit. Despite utilising the world of technology to its full potential there is a much darker, untold aspect of the internet. It is through social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that I have become so conscious of what I post for fear of what people might say. I am attached to my phone and not in a good way – I am in major need of a digital detox.
Estee Lalonde did a very insightful video a while ago, where she went on a 48 hour digital detox. Going without technology even for just a few days would be hard, purely because a lot of our lives depend on the screen infront of us. It is so hard to not be able to contact people through text, it is so easy to talk to people now yet we lose contact with them in the real world, in the social world you can now stay ‘friends’ forever. Isn’t that a scary thought? I think we need to disconnect with the internet slightly to understand how reliant we are on it.
This year I wanted to go on my phone a lot less and to take myself away from social media, as it was getting my down quite a lot. One month into the year and without even trying I am going on social media and the internet a lot less. I turn off my phone at 8:00 on weekdays and allow myself more time on my phone at the weekend. Whenever I want to do blog work or just work in general, I’ll put my phone in the other room. Yes there are distractions on the computer as well, but for me it is much less tempting than instagram where I could just spend hours mindlessly scrolling through picturesque locations and ootds. I’m also going to start doing no internet days, where I just spend a day without the internet. Being a blogger it is hard not to go on the internet to promote a new blogpost, talk and even just scroll through social media but I think it is doable. A great app is ‘Hootsuite’ that allows you to schedule tweets, meaning you can still promote your blog post without even having to look at your phone. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I would love to know how you ‘switch off’!  


  1. Eleanor Pritchard 21st February 2016 at 5:05 pm

    I think we all are! Let me know if you do try it 🙂


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