transitioning summer pieces for autumn

It’s October in England, the leaves are swiftly gravitating towards to ground and the temperature is slowly and steadily dropping – Autumn is well under way. It’s in this transitional period, not quite summer not quite winter, that we can find ourselves buying surplus clothing in order to make up for the changing seasons. You leave the house in a coat and by lunchtime you’re in a t-shirt. Like I said, that’s England for you. In order to avoid this surplus buying there are plenty of ways that you can make use of your summer clothes in the colder seasons.

Layering it up is a perfect way to re-wear your summer pieces, in this post I’m wearing my Everlane top that I thought wouldn’t be seen until next year underneath a baggy jumper from my mum’s wardrobe. Hand me downs are a great way to extend a garments life although admittedly I don’t think my mum was going to give this jumper away, it just somehow found my way into my draw? This outfit has been a go to recently, the trousers are from Everlane and my shoes are a pair of converse from about four years ago. I hardly wore them until this year, thinking they didn’t really go with much but I literally haven’t taken them off in the past few weeks. They’re like trainers but boots (anyone else following my gist here?) and they’re so comfortable. Converse, as I have discussed here, are not the most ethical brand therefore I am getting my wear out of them. If the brand isn’t ethical then I sure am going to make sure it is a sustainable item in my wardrobe.

Wear tights so that you can continue wearing the summer skirt you love instead of buying a new pair of jeans, I’ve definitely grown to love the tights/skirt look and it’s definitely a good way to update my autumn look without having to buy anything new.

A trend that I’ve seen a lot recently and around college is a baggy t-shirt over a long sleeved top. Honestly this style is everywhere and I myself have also succumb to the college student trend, it’s the perfect way of wearing your favourite summer tee whilst staying cosy during the colder months. This is a trend that perhaps, even being a conscious consumer you don’t have to feel bad about wearing. Amongst the individuality there is always an air of leader and follower and although most of my clothes are pretty unique and ethical, there are always certain trends that one cannot escape and this trend is something I can get behind. You don’t need to go out and buy any new pieces because the ones you own already will suffice.

Find new ways of wearing the clothes you love. I did a post on this a while ago on my blog but with college I’ve been really trying to be inventive with the clothes I own in order to prevent me buying new clothes. This summer when I was in Italy, we went to this market and I found the most stunning strappy maxi dress for €10. I didn’t think I’d ever wear it unless I had an invite to a fancy summer garden party but after wearing my vintage maxi skirt (a Brighton find) so much recently I thought why not make use of this dress now? I’ve worn it a few times and got a few, *shock* real life compliments. Just add a t-shirt and a jumper and it’s updated for autumn. The look may have to make a feature on my blog sometime soon, it is definitely one of my favourite current looks! 

Don’t ditch the colour just yet. I know a lot of people think that when Autumn and Winter roll around the colours become darker and that can prevent one from layering summer pieces. But I love adding a pop of colour into my clothes, just as a reminder that Winter hasn’t absorbed all the brightness. So if you think you can’t wear your summer clothes because of how bright they are, think again.

I’m writing this post on the first day of the half term holidays, wow what a half term it has been. Only 6 weeks into college and I’m coping, so far. It’s weird seeing how much has changed already, I already feel a lot more grown up, I’ve realised that I can wear whatever (seriously didn’t quite realise how suppressive secondary school was in terms of individuality) and I’m doing four subjects that I absolutely adore. I don’t quite know how this next half term is going to pan out because it’s 8 weeks long and we literally finish on the 21st of December. It’s going to be more intense but I do need to make sure I keep up this work-life balance up because otherwise I will be a mess by Christmas.

I thought now that I have to wear my own clothes 7 days a week I would succumb to buying more frequently but no, quite the opposite. This October is a ‘no buy’ month so I’m not buying any new clothes, makeup or shoes. it is however my birthday at the beginning of November and I’m finally planning on treating myself to a pair of Veja shoes after a long time of deliberating over the style and colour etc.

lots of love, eleanor xx

PS. the content on here should be becoming more regular, I know I’ve been slacking a lot lately but it’s just adjusting to all the changes, time to take photos and it’s taken a lot of motivation for me to open up my laptop and just start writing again, nevertheless the break has been enjoyable but I’m glad to be back.


  1. Katie Hunter 20th October 2017 at 7:19 am

    you always have such amazing style!!! I love these tips, I'm such a fan of the summer t shirt over long sleeve look–i lived in it last year. That realisation that you can wear whatever you want is fab, I suddenly noticed that no one cared what I wore and I could be as experimentative or dull as I wished–became even more useful when i wore the same 2 outfits everyday around exams–comfort am i right?
    hope you have relaxing half term–you deserve it!

  2. Eleanor Pritchard 20th October 2017 at 9:37 am

    Ah thank you Katie! It's literally the best combo, and so comfy as well. I definitely feel in need of a rest and I'm going to promise myself a break somewhat because I do need to just chill out and not think about college for a few days at least.

  3. Dalal Tahira 22nd October 2017 at 9:43 am

    wooo for half term, well done on getting through the first weeks of A-levels!!! I love wearing stripy long sleeved tops under plain t-shirts with a big red puffer jacket. I think by the second term, everyone gives up on dressing well and you'll finally be able to let down your guard and wear much comfier things (I wear fleeces and shapeless culottes more than I should ha) sixth form/college is such a great time to experiment both socially and sartorially- so much freedom!

    dalal //

  4. libbyjade26 23rd October 2017 at 8:38 pm

    I love wearing long sleeves over short sleeved tops but I really want more brightly coloured long sleeves/ bigger t-shirts to make it more of a look. Your jeans are so groovy by the way! I loved it when we were able to wear whatever we wanted- although I quickly gave up dressing nice, it's so much easier to learn when you're comfortable. Have a fab half term!x

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