Tips and tricks for saving money

Sometimes as much as I love shopping… I need to hold back on what I spend. Saving isn’t exactly my forte, but recently I’ve found saving then buying something when I really want it is the best feeling and buying for the sake of it is definitely not (although I think we can all admit to it at some point).

So I thought I’d share my top tips for saving money: 
1. Know when is the right time to buy something and whether you can/should splurge or  save. I’m doing a post about splurging or saving on makeup later this month but when it comes to clothes I know I can definitely be swayed into items I’ll only wear once or twice. When I’m shopping if I see something I really like, like a top etc. I’ll see the different ways I can style it. If I can put together at least 3 different outfits then I’m on to a winner! This is all dependent on the price of the item/how much I wanted it though. Various shops take different variations on a certain trend so shop around and you may find some better deals in some shops than others! 

2. Go on a makeup/clothes ban. This is such a great way of saving when you want to buy something more pricey. For June and July I went on a makeup spending ban. It taught me to reuse what I already had and therefore I discovered old favourites – plus it meant I didn’t spend money on makeup! Now it’s August I can be a bit more lenient in what I buy (I’ve managed to save for some duty free buys when I go on holiday tomorrow)! A clothing spending ban can give you more money to spend on a nice staple piece of clothing and the ban can help you put new outfit ideas together – you just need to resist the urge to spend!
3. It applies more to makeup but write a list of things you want then in a week or so see if you still want it. I definitely find this tip useful. I find when I buy makeup on a wim I end up not using it as much as a makeup product I’ve wanted for a long time. Especially high end makeup as it’s not cheap! So I’ll write a wishlist then in a while I’ll look back and see if I still want it. I also read at least 3 reviews of the product to see what people think of it. This is probably the most useful tip for me – the amount of money I’ve saved in not buying things is ridiculous using this handy idea but it also means I don’t buy makeup that I don’t use. 
4. Look around for the best deals. So when I’m book shopping I may go to Waterstones to look at the books, see what books are popular but then I would buy them for on Amazon. In doing this you may only save a few pounds but it’s more than you’ll save if you buy it from a bookstore. There are other ways you can do this with buying makeup or clothing online – are there any websites that have better deals? Is there a discount code? Many websites put the better discounts later on in the website (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) as more people are likely to shop then! It’s a simple tip but may come in handy! 
5. Have a little jar and when you have one pound, 50p or any loose change and don’t open the jar for a couple of months. Whenever I go out somewhere I check my purse and if I have a pound etc. I’ll put it in the jar and after a couple of months I’ll see how much I’ve got. It’s such an easy idea but I genuinely save up quite a bit by doing this! £1 may not seem like much but it can amount to much more! 
I hope some of these have helped you in some way with these little tips for saving! Let me know your top tips down below if you have any! 


  1. Fii Cridland 6th August 2015 at 1:42 pm

    OOh yes these tips are super useful! I have a little jar for spare change and it's really surprising how much it can all add up to. Definitely need to work more on the 'clothing ban' side of things… I am sooo not good at that 😐

    Fii | little miss fii

  2. Eleanor Pritchard 13th August 2015 at 7:12 am

    Thanks! I agree, it's great to look around and see what's best!

  3. Eleanor Pritchard 13th August 2015 at 7:12 am

    Thank you! I haven't actually tried doing a clothing ban, but I find I save loads when I don't buy any makeup!


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