The under eye concealer that’s worth the hype

Concealers are something I’m not really willing to splash out on – there are perfectly good concealers on the high street and I’ve finally jumped on the band wagon of the maybelline age rewind concealer. This concealer has been raved about so much and I was very excited to find that my local superdrug finally stocked the lightest shade (after hunting for literally months to find it). Luckily, I was not disappointed. 
The only thing is I’m pretty sure I still didn’t get the lightest shade, I got it in light but now I’ve seen that they do it in fair. Although I looked on the boots website and there are only two shades (I’ve got the lightest of the two). It’s slightly annoying as I do think I could have gone a shade lighter (even though I think they only have the lighter shade in America) it’s not too dark for my skin, but it’s not as light as my much loved collection concealer. So if you have really pale skin or darker skin tones I would be aware of the restricting shade range. Concealer shades aside this has been a product definitely on my favourites.
The first time I applied this I knew it was going to be a product I LOVE. The concealer glides on the skin so easily although I had to blend it briskly as I found that it dried quite quickly. It doesn’t feel or look cakey and doesn’t crease on the skin at all. I can see a difference in the brightness of my skin and cannot stress how nice it feels on the skin. After a day of wearing the concealer it still wasn’t cakey. It was slightly creased but that’s understandable as I’d been out all day – I didn’t expect it to be magic. 
I’m seriously so glad I succumbed to the hype as I know I will definitely repurchase. 
Some people say that they find this concealer to be drying and creasing although despite the fact I have dry skin I don’t find this at all. Regardless of some peoples option I love this concealer so much and for £7.99 it’s worth buying if you’re looking for a new concealer!  

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