The no new clothes haul: starting university*

I need to buy new clothes for university. I need to make a good first impression. I need a new outfit for clubbing and freshers and going to a festival the weekend freshers starts. I need NEW. Or maybe not Because that is an unhealthy mindset and one that is not only bad for my bank balance but the planet and is ultimately unnecessary consumerism. This post is effectively an anti-haul, of a few pieces that I love dearly and are most definitely coming with me to university. 

Here we have the Blou T-shirt. It is loved, it is worn yet cared for in a way that means it will not break under the strain of everyday wear. It was bought from an ethical brand that no longer sells yet is by far one of my favourite purchases. It is one of those pieces that I’ll wear in any season through sheer determination to wear it. 

I’ve mentioned this dress before, but I’ll mention it again. From wearing it underneath a jumper at college with the knowledge that I was fishing for compliments because everyone said it looked good, to wearing it to my best friend’s birthday party – I love it. Who knows what events it’ll be going to at university.

This t-shirt was bought from a thrift shop in Stockholm and I can remember it standing out on the rail. I’ve got a lot better over the years for buying pieces that look similar to each other *cough* striped tops *cough* but I knew I had to buy it; the style, the fit and I guiltily admit – the fact it is Comme Des Garcons. I wore it for this shoot in Geneva and, quite frankly, have not overworn it. It isn’t the only striped garment coming to Bristol. When my mum was in France before I was born, she bought a striped jumper for herself and one for her mother. Like half the clothing in my wardrobe, it is now in my possession (and like most of the other items of clothing she gave me, gathers the most compliments). The majority of revision was spent at my desk wearing it and no doubt there will be more revisions sessions spent in this jumper, a little token of home. 

To the winter coat, or the autumn essential, I don’t think I could go to university without my leather jacket or pimp coat. The leather jacket has to be my favourite purchase this year, from Depop. My faux fur coat was a Christmas present from my mum from a clothes agency where we live and I lived in it last winter. When the weather gets colder I’ll be grateful that I brought it with me, despite its somewhat current redundant feeling. 

I’m bringing old and new to university and the new comes in the form of this top* that was gifted to me from Honest Department. A ‘clubbing outfit’ size hole was opened when I turned 18 and although I am one for championing items that can be used for a multitude of different outfits, I didn’t own many smaller tops till this year. That being said, I will, of course, be bringing this pop of colour to brighten up dreary days. 

There are so many other items in my wardrobe that I’m carting off to university, a memory of home and travels and miscellaneous adventures. The coming months will be a catalogue of nights out, nights in, adventure. These are just a fragment of home and happiness and here’s to that continuing. 

What are pieces in your wardrobe that mean a lot to you? 

Lots of love, Eleanor xx


  1. Cadmium Red 11th September 2019 at 5:29 pm

    Okay first of all that polaroid of you with the dress looks gorgeous! I love your style and I can relate to the feeling of wanting to buy NEW for uni. This anti-haul post is everything. Thanks for bringing awareness
    Love, M xx

  2. Naomi (Inching Forwards) 11th September 2019 at 6:54 pm

    This is a fantastic mindset to have, and I really commend you for resisting the urge to buy loads of new stuff to go to uni. I think it’s great to avoid unnecessary consumption (both for the environment and the the bank balance). I particularly like your striped top – I love stripy things too. I also noticed you said you’re moving to Bristol – assuming that’s Bristol in the UK, I live there, and we have a tonne of great charity shops for when you actually need new stuff 🙂

    1. eleanorclaudie 11th September 2019 at 9:18 pm

      I have bought a few homeware bits but that is more understandable – I still need a room to come home to! I literally love love love the stripy top and it’s my favourite one I’ve found. Yes – I am moving to Bristol – in part because of the charity shops ahah! xx

      1. Naomi (Inching Forwards) 11th September 2019 at 10:02 pm

        Oh yeh, no judgement whatsoever on new homeware stuff! You’ve got to have the basics, and it’s miserable if your room isn’t homey and welcoming. Good luck with the move!

  3. Erin Grace 11th September 2019 at 7:59 pm

    You have so many lovely pieces that you are taking with you! My mum keeps reminding me that the clothes I have had for years are brand new to everyone at uni so it’s the perfect excuse to dig out a well loved items to take with me. For that reason I haven’t bought much to go to uni with me, apart from a raincoat that I found was a huge gap in my wardrobe! I love how you have a range of items perfect for every occasion (can relate about the many stripy tops), my favourite of which has to be the last green top, it is the perfect pop of colour! X

    Erin // Everything Erin

  4. lexie 13th September 2019 at 11:14 am

    Obsessed with this! Such a great post and idea. I’m so guilty of watching ‘back to uni’ hauls where people just buy fast fashion. I’ve brought a few bits from depop, but so agree it’s such an unhealthy mindset to think you need new; your pre existing wardrobe is good enough!! I managed to snag some gorgeous vintage 60s cutlery and plates from a family friend for uni, which I’m so chuffed about. Hope you’re doing well and getting excited for uni!! xxx

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  6. Ella Jones 17th November 2019 at 12:22 am

    I love the idea of an anti-haul. We need more public appreciation for clothing we wear time and time again! Also I completely understand the feelig of wanting new things for uni.


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