The internet and I

Click, click, click goes the keyboard whilst I’m writing this post. The internet and social media has become such a big part of my life, it’s hard to think what I did without it. The pressure, the joys and the addiction have very much shaped who I am as a person. For the better or for the worse?

I would definitely say for the better, last year I would probably tell you that I hate the Internet and that it ruined my life but now? I think I’ve flipped my view completely. The pressures of social media are very much relevant here in my cultivated hatred towards the Internet. With fitness gurus and ‘eat clean’ Instagram pages, there is an abundance of ‘healthy’ sites that you feel you should probably be on right now. Isn’t that so bad? Yes, there is nothing wrong with being healthy and exercising however the amount of teenagers and older girls that feel they have to have this lifestyle isn’t good. Instead they should teach you about self love and being happy with who you are! I do feel a lot of pressure from social media and to put on a ‘face’ on the Internet. 
But it’s not always all about the pressures of the Internet, there is a positive side. Through my blog I’ve managed to find a hobby that I enjoy and it’s something to take my mind off of school work, stress and I find it relaxing as well. Since I started this blog I’ve actually spent less time on the Internet. Whilst I used to spend hours just mindlessly opening various social media apps and looking at what my friends are doing without me *major fomo right there*. But spending less time on the Internet meant that I cared less what other people were doing and more what I was doing and in turn I felt better in myself and less pressured by social media. So I encourage you to spend less time on the Internet if you can, don’t cut it out completely because I know that’s hard, but a little less a day might be might be good! 
I hope you’re having a fabulous start to the week and I would love to know your thoughts on these type of posts – a sort of lifestyle/my view of an issue.

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