telling trends apart from timeless pieces

Thinking back to last year and the blog posts I used to upload, they were a lot more creative for someone who seemed to have less time on their hands than they do now (although now I’m questioning what I really do to fill the time). I wanted to integrate the part of blogging that I feel in love with, the not so perfect 1000 word essays kind of posts that although I adore to write, I sometimes want to collapse into a heap of words and topics that flow as if I’m having a discussion with a friend. This creativity is questionable though when I have just printed out images from websites and stuck them on a magazine advert (I may have lost my creative flair since starting all academic subjects).

Something that I always think about when I’m about to buy something new is: is this piece a timeless piece or is it just a trend? To figure this answer out I tend to look at whether I’ve seen other people replicate the design, is it a material that’s particularly ‘in’ lately, but ultimately… will I wear it for a long time? The thirty wear test is always a good indicator of whether you would wear something a lot, because would you wear it for thirty times without getting bored of it? Very often this rules out an item being a timeless piece but you know sometimes a trend can end up being one of your most treasured items. That wasn’t really something I thought about when I started writing this post.

trendsandtimeless6I picked out a few pieces that I would apply the trend vs. timeless test to (spoiler: I love them all and could probably all say that they’re timeless). These trainers from Good News, a gorgeous trainer brand that I have discovered lately probably aren’t the most basic pair of trainers you need in your wardrobe but I know they’d go with a lot of things I already own and I don’t think I would fall out of love with them in a hurry. I’ve being eyeing up a jumpsuit from Stalf for the longest time and now they’ve released their new spring line, it has made me realise how versatile it would be in my wardrobe and so comfy for college as well. Can stripes be a default timeless piece? Maybe they can be, but this top from Kings of Indigo is definitely a timeless piece (or at least it would be in my wardrobe). But then I fell in love with panel trousers from Kings of Indigo that most of my friends absolutely detest and I love but after consideration they were probably more of a trend piece. A pair of trousers that I do already own however are these crop pants from Everlane. They’re more like a full length trouser on me (perks of being 5ft3) but I wear them so often (like in this post) and I don’t think I’ll fall out of love with them soon, they have definitely surpassed the 30 wear test and even though I would probably consider them a ‘mainstream trend’ with the cropped/culotte look, they’re more than a staple in my wardrobe. Which brings me onto my last piece I included in the collage, a sweater/jumper/hoody (I’m not quite certain on the correct word) from Paloma Wool. You guys know how much I adore the brand and I was going to ask for this jumper for Christmas before realising that I probably wouldn’t wear it for more than a year, or for more than 30 times at that matter.



Going through those pieces I realised that ethical brands can follow trends and that is okay, but their pieces are made to last – not just in your wardrobe but in their whole lifecycle as a garment. Furthering that, a mainstream trend may be a timeless piece in your wardrobe. Like culottes for example, I have a few pairs but it doesn’t mean to say once the trend dies down I’m going to stop wearing them. I love mine and I have a spotty pair from Zara that I bought pre buying ethically that I wear every summer. Maybe even, we should divide trends into ‘trends’ and ‘timeless trends’, because some clothes will last for so much longer than the trend itself.


It leads me to thinking about clothes we buy from the charity shop, they were a trend once and they have a story to why they got their, but we can give them another purpose and maybe they can become a timeless piece in our wardrobe?

Sooooo… to come to a conclusion I think that whether you like a clothing item that’s a trend or a timeless piece, if you really like it and you know you’ll wear it for a long time, regardless of whether it’s in style or not and considering other factors such as material composition etc. why not buy it? I spent a lot of time thinking about this with the clothes I already own and some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are what would be considered a ‘trend’ piece, but they have an element of sentimentality and I wear them a lot, so maybe they’ve become a timeless piece in my wardrobe? Do you think trends can become timeless? I would love to know your thoughts! 

lots of love, eleanor xx

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