Splurge or save?

The question is… Do I splurge or do I save with makeup? It’s always nice to treat yourself to something high-end but if you’re trying to save money, do you really need a high-end concealer for example? I thought I’d do a post on what I would be willing to spend more money on and products you can definitely safe your money on! 
Primer – I think finding a good primer is great for makeup that will last the whole day. It just so happens that my favourite primer is High-end. There are different primers out there to suit different skin types, so I would look at reviews first before buying any primer; drugstore or high-end. In my opinion I think it’s worth splashing out on a more expensive primer (I tried the maybelline baby skin about a year ago and absolutely hated it) and I genuinely think a good primer can make a massive difference to the longevity of your foundation/base. 
Base – so this is one that I’m not too sure about. I would say if you can afford a more expensive foundation then go for it! But if not there are great alternatives on the high-street. I don’t actually own a high-end foundation but really don’t feel the need to go out and spend £30 on one, I’m perfectly happy with my drugstore ones and will continue to use them. Of course I would love the Nars sheer glow and cult high-end beauty’s like that and for a one off treat – go for it! But there are definitely good cheaper options out there!
Concealer – drugstore all the way!!! If this there’s one thing you can save with your makeup it’s concealer. Yes there are good high-end concealers but they are matched if not bettered by drugstore concealers. Why spend £22 when you can spend £4? It’s a definite drugstore win for me. 

Powder – another product where I think your skin is a decider on whether to go high-end or drugstore. I tried the cult Rimmel stay matte powder a while ago and absolutely hated it, it made my skin feel cakey etc. and then I tried the Mac skinfinish powder and love it so much – it’s the only powder I’ve used in about a year. So I think it really is a matter of what is best for you.

Blush, bronzer and highlighter – I think if you’re just getting into more expensive makeup bronzer, blusher and highlighter is a great place to start. A bronzer such as Nars Laguna bronzer or a MAC blusher is something that you can use daily and I think as they last a long time it feels like it’s worth the money you paid. Look at reviews etc. if you’re not sure if the product is worth the money, I always look at 3 or more to get an idea of what people think of the product.
Brow products – for brow products I think you can really not tell a difference between a high-end and a drugstore brow product. That said the Anastasia brow pomade looks incredibly dreamy and I think if you’re going to splash out on a brow product I would choose one that is more likely to last. High-end brow products aren’t loads more expensive than drugstore, but some don’t last that long so I would definitely stick to drugstore if you want to save some money.
Eyeshadow – In my opinion I think high-end eyeshadows  are so worth the money. I hate to admit it but I only have two eyeshadow palettes, one high-end and one drugstore. I love my drugstore palette, it’s the collection eyes uncovered nude palette but the longevity is extremely contrasting to my beloved Naked 3. Urban decay palletes are great if you’re just getting into makeup as their consistency and longevity is amazing (they also have a varied range of shades). I definitely want to buy more in the future.
Mascara – drugstore is definitely a winner here… and they’re usually over half the price of their high-end equivelant. I’ve tried benefit mascaras etc. and love them, but I don’t really see a massive difference between them and drugstore mascaras (obviously there are some drugstore ones that aren’t great). Especially as you go through mascaras every 3 or so months (that’s how long you’re meant to keep mascaras I think?) there’s not much point in paying £20 every time – okay there’s hardly any point. A nice treat, but if you don’t need to buy a more expensive mascara, I wouldn’t buy one.
Lip products – I think if you want to buy a high-end lip product – go for it! If you’re just getting into makeup I would definitely look into Mac, as their lipsticks are more affordable that other high-end brands. However there are some drugstore lipsticks/glosses that are amazing and it’s worth seeing what you’d like before you go and splurge on a high end lippy! 
I hope this post has helped some of you in decided whether you should splurge, or whether it would be best to save your money! 


  1. Fiona Paton 28th August 2015 at 3:42 pm

    I completely agree with concealer and mascara – drug store all the way. But I do think you can get some really good drugstore palettes – the MUA and Sleek ones are gorgeous and dare I say I think they are on par with MAC shadows! I tend to buy high end bases just because I suffer from acne prone skin so for me it really is worth spending more on Bare Minerals so that I know I won't breakout.

    Great post xxx

    Fi | http://fislittleblog.com

  2. Eleanor Pritchard 28th August 2015 at 6:07 pm

    Thank you so much! I definitely think palettes are better for the money you pay for them but I'll have to try sleek eyeshadows as I've never really looked into them! I agree with you about the bases though, sometimes high end is so much better for your skin! xx


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