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So, this was meant to be a GRWM Christmas party edition but recently I’ve been wearing next to no makeup and I’m not actually going to any Christmas parties so I really would be just putting makeup on for the sake of a blog post. I would rather write about things I can talk more about.

Last Friday I was in London town to see the 1975; basically the most intelligent and insightful band you will ever see. Even if you’re not into their music they’re pretty cool humans anyways. We went early to London to have a look at the Christmas lights, browse at the shops and generally just take in London before the concert. Shockingly I’ve never been to London at Christmas and I’ve actually never been to Oxford Street either so I was incredibly excited and I definitely felt like a child again.

After going on a wander for a place to eat, I had NO idea that Oxford Street was so near Liberty and Carnaby Street – I am so uneducated on the streets of London but I was definitely a tourist last Friday. Seeing as there are almost no stores in the UK, it was inevitable that I found myself in Brandy Melville (and even more inevitable that I would buy things).

Now, I bring you onto the topic of this post that is unrelated to the title. One of my new years resolutions (that I will talk more about in a post coming soon) is I want to shop more and hopefully by the end of the year entirely ethically and/or sustainably – I know that Brandy is made in Italy but how ethical is it? When I started this post it was just meant to be about me showing you how much I love this sparkly top and that it’s definitely going to be my Christmas day outfit of choice but I realised that I have no idea about the manufacturing and ethics behind the brand.

Where has the research got me? It seems this is quite a controversial and split topic, the research into the brand is something that I am going to continue delving into – I feel I’ve only touched the surface and I really want to talk to the people behind the brand (which could be near impossible seeing as it is a huge company). This is what I found on tumblr:

It’s a mixed bag but I could find no article on how their clothes are actually produced, just that they’re ‘produced ethically’ or their clothes are not ethical because of the image the brand is trying to curate. It’s produced in Italy but by who? Where? This is something more I want to look into. 
The reason why you probably clicked onto this post is to see me outfit and I have definitely got a little bit side tracked! I’m not usually a festive dresser and I don’t own a Christmas jumper; they become obsolete so incredibly quickly and end up in charity shops or the landfill – I’m just not down for buying a jumper that will only see me through a season. However, I will probably wear this top for years to come; who said sparkly was just for Christmas? It’ll see me through the festive season and beyond – I just love it!
After seeing the top in Urban Outfitters I instantly regretted not buying it and I couldn’t find it on their website (they’ve only just restocked it). When I walked into Brandy I knew I had to buy it otherwise I would regret it once again. With a tank top underneath it is just the perfect combination, give me all the glitter! Have you bought any festive clothing recently? 

Ps. let me know if you would like me to investigate more into Brandy Melville if I can, thank you!


  1. Edie 19th December 2016 at 1:56 pm

    I really enjoyed this post, and I'd love for you to investigate more into how ethical bm is!

    Edie x

  2. The Teenage Journal 20th December 2016 at 10:56 pm

    A really interesting post Eleanor! And the top is gorgeous xxx


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