So I did some shopping whilst in France…

So I kind of surprised myself at how little face makeup I bought this holiday and the abundance of lip products. That was inevitable though knowing me… Therefore a haul is very much called for! I would do a fashion haul but I haven’t really bought much new clothing lately, although let me know if you want one in the future! 
So duty free was kind of a let down – I was all ready to buy the Nars sheer glow yet they didn’t actually sell it (which is odd because they sold the luminous weightless one) so I just bought the Nars smudge proof eyeshadow base. I’ve needed an eyeshadow base for such a long time and this Nars one seems like a hidden gem. No one really raves about it but the reviews I’ve all read are fantastic so I’ll feed back on how it fares!
When I was in Italy I tried the Ginzeng face mask from sephora and it was great! I could instantly see a difference in the brightness of my skin – it didn’t really last but it was a nice refresh for my skin! After reading reviews of the masks, I came to the conclusion that the honey and green tea masks were the most raved about. The honey mask is for nourishing and balancing (so for moisture) and the green tea mask is for mattifying and anti-blemish. I have no idea why I only bought one of green tea masks, but my skin doesn’t really need mattifying so it wasn’t paticulary one I needed. I’ll definitely be using these masks when my skin needs more nourishing and when I’m having a relaxing pamper day (if only Sephora was nearer…) 
Whilst I didn’t purchase this lipstick for myself (something I very much regret) I thought I would still put it in this post. I bought it for my friend who purchased this when we were in Italy and needed to buy it again because she’d used it all up! The Sephora lipstick is in the shade charmer and it’s the most gorgeous pinky/nude shade… Okay maybe I don’t need it after all! I also repurchased one of my beloved lip creams in infinite rose. I seriously love this lip product as it has slight shimmer in (something I don’t usually like) and it really enhances the colour of the lip product – I love it! 
I bought one of my Mac lipsticks at duty free (Mehr – on the right) and because they didn’t have Kinda Sexy in the airport I bought it in France. The rate is better from euros to pounds and I really wanted this lipstick so I thought why not buy it now? I absolutely love both of these lipsticks and genuinely think they could be my favourite Mac lipsticks. They’re both matte which is my favourite formula as the creamy ones tend to split on my lips (anyone else find this with Mac lipsticks)? 
I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my purchases from France and I’ll be back on Monday with a new post! 


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