setting goals and sticking to them

It’s Friday after a long week of travelling home from a festival, visiting London, getting my AS Philosophy result back (less nerve wracking than I thought seeing as it does not count towards anything), a driving lesson and trying to take a moment for myself before packing for Geneva on Sunday. Life is busy, busier than I thought it would be and I was counting on a quiet summer to get my head in gear for a year of hard working and A Levels but now I realise that busy is good and I’m over the moon to be achieving things I never thought I would be able to – and still managing to fit some college work in here and there.

After just doing some French grammar, I thought I’d take a break and allow this to be some time for myself. The hobby that is blogging has manifested into a relaxing exercise to which I am welcoming it with open arms.

I wanted this post to be about setting goals and how to stick to them because as of late I have become partial to the every day to-do list of life that invariably includes some daily French grammar, reading a few chapters of a history book and as of the past week ‘WRITE PERSONAL STATEMENT’ which is the one thing I just can’t tick off; no matter how hard I try to sit down and explain why I love the subjects I do… there’s still time right? So my goals have become smaller and smaller over this summer in an effort to ensure that I can cross or tick them off. Have I achieved something today? Well yes because according to my to-do list I’ve managed to paint my nails, put on a face mask, do some grammar, wash my hair etc. Alas, my to-do list has taken on the function of a self affirming list in order to boost my un-productive self – now that’s summer for you.

All this is entirely okay though because after learning to be more mindful, painting my nails is an activity that has a perfect right to be on my to-do list for the day, even if it isn’t a ‘goal’. So my little targets make bigger goals and I think that is my way of sticking to them. I was reading Lucy’s post on her August goals (from the blog Infinity of Fashion) and perhaps writing longer term goals are also the way to sticking them as your small ones are leading to something bigger and better.

A photo from the V & A museum where I went to see the Frida Kahlo exhibition (and totally fell in love)

What are my goals for the foreseeable future?

  • Finish writing my personal statement and finish my application for university – a goal that doesn’t seem achievable at this very minute but hopefully it will become a reality soon.
  • Finish my university application reading list. I start reading a book and then I find another one that might be even better to read so I am the epitome of indecisive right now, thank goodness I’m a fast reader. I’m currently reading ‘Stasiland: stories behind the Berlin Wall‘ as I saw Katie read it a while ago and it has me hooked so I’m going to aim to finish it before I go away on Sunday.
  • Stick to a regular blogging schedule but don’t be too harsh on myself if I don’t post once a week. There has been a lapse in posting about ethical fashion/sustainability lately but alas my next post actually is about just that! I haven’t really had time to go out specifically for outfit photos hence why my most recent outfit post was taken in my bedroom. I went to Bournemouth a few weeks ago which provided the location of a potential outfit post but I made the rookie error of putting my top over my bikini and I had the wet boob look. As much as I love being ‘real’ on the internet, not even Facetune could salvage the look. My book club is the one consistent monthly upload and its weird thinking there will only be five posts left of it, but it does mean there will be a higher rate of ethical fashion posts appearing on my blog. It’s a goal but it isn’t a priority so if I don’t stick to it then I won’t be too devastated. It’s like all things, especially like buying ethically – don’t put yourself down for not always achieving what you set out to do and give yourself a break sometimes. 
  • Finish all my college work before I actually go back to college. Hard one considering I need to prioritise my personal statement but I’ve been doing it steadily and I have a total of six free days before college starts in September to complete it so I think I can compartmentalise them and work my way through the maze that is summer work.
  • Avoid buying any new clothes before I go back to college. I found a top I made when I was around twelve/thirteen earlier this week and some minor miracle happened and it still fits, albeit slightly cropped. I wore it with my Everlane trousers and my Paloma Wool jacket in London and it was perfect for the slightly humid weather so I will definitely incorporate it into my college attire. My mum also gave me one of her old striped jumpers and wide leg trousers that no longer fit her so whilst there are new additions in my wardrobe, none of them are new. The ‘new school year, new me’ mindset has disappeared throughout the years and I no longer try to re-invent myself every time there’s a school holiday, it seems this year of sixth form has provided more re-invention than I can handle (shoutout to my fringe that has made a recent appearance on my face).

What are your goals at the moment and do you have some good ways at sticking at them? I think breaking them down into something achievable and something that you feel a sense of pride at accomplishing is the best place to start, whether that be not buying new clothes for a month to work towards not buying new clothes for half a year or writing for five minutes a day to de-stress, our goals vary which means the way in which we achieve them vary as well. The best thing you can do is give your goals a go.

lots of love, eleanor xx


  1. Erin Grace 21st August 2018 at 5:55 pm

    The thing I find about being off for so long during the summer is it is so difficult to stick to goals and get everything achieved you wanted (or needed) to, especially as college sets so much work to do! I have been trying to set myself weekly goals since the start of the summer, for each subject, my blog and any extras. I also tried to read a book a week which hasn’t exactly gone to plan! But I have tried to read as much as possible – the book you mentioned about stories behind the Berlin Wall sounds so interesting, I’ll have to add that to my ever growing list of books to read if you enjoyed it! I hope you manage to stick to your goals before the summer ends! x

    Erin /

    1. eleanorclaudie 26th August 2018 at 9:10 am

      As a fellow historian I think you would absolutely LOVE Stories behind the berlin wall and it is completely different to any history book. I hope you achieve all your goals as well! x


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