Sephora honey mask

When I was in France back in the summer I bought some of the Sephora face masks. Before going I did my research and the I would love to know!  honey mask came out with the best reviews for Sephora’s own face mask range.

I’m slightly skeptical about sheet face masks – do they actually work? There was certainly enough product when I took it out of the packaging so surely there must be something good happening to my skin! The honey mask claims to be for ‘nourishing and balancing’ and the other masks in the range seem to claim to do other wondrous things for the skin as well. In the past I’ve used the ginseng mask, although I didn’t see a difference in my skin whatsoever – will the honey mask be any different?
After using it (instructions on how to apply are on the back, let’s just say I looked incredibly odd for 15 minutes when I had it on) I was much more impressed with this mask. It was so moisturizing and when I took off the mask the left over product just sank into my skin. It made my skin feel so gorgeous and soft – almost like I’d just had a facial! Despite the packet saying to leave for 10-15 minutes on the skin, I probably kept it on a bit longer (till most of the moisture had gone). Once the mask is off it does feel a little wet, not slimy but almost like you’ve applied a gel to the skin. Don’t apply moisturizer after this mask because it is definitely hydrating enough! I would just rub the excess product into the skin and that should be enough! I think it is targeted to those with drier skin types and it is quite moisturizing – I still think it would would for all skin types though!
For €3,95 I’m so impressed with this and when I go back I shall definitely be purchasing more! Have you tried any of the face masks from this range and are there any you would recommend? I would love to know!

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