Pretty in pink

Peachy tones have been my go to lately (or always, I love them!!) summer is when all the peach goodness comes out, in the eyes, lips, cheeks – gawd there’s no escaping it!
However it doesn’t mean I’ve neglected all my pretty pink products, I still love a barbie pink lipstick (even though there’s definitely a line of how much to apply)!
The easiest way to incorporate pink into your makeup is through lipstick/lipgloss etc. A while ago I did a post on my favourite pink lips from MAC, so I’ll link that here. But I’ve chosen for this post a MAC lipglass in ‘forever rose‘ a gorgeous deep pink lipgloss and a matte lipstick in ‘please me‘. Forever rose has such beautiful undertones, it was the first MAC product I ever brought and I’m so glad I did – a MAC obsessive was born! These are both great everyday lip options (the lipgloss builds up so it’s not that offensive first application) and I love them! Shout out to please me for being my perfect pink though, I cannot get enough of it at the moment (another good buy from MAC if you’re just starting to get into makeup)!
I forgot to put any eye options in the photo, but if I wanted to include a pink splash into my eye looks, I would use the maybelline colour tattoo in eternal pink – a beautiful creamy pink base for any other eye shadows you want to put on top. I love the maybelline colour tattoos for a budget base, they’re extremely creamy and do last a long time – on and on bronze is another bronzey shade from the range i absolutely love! 
If you just wanted a pink glow on the cheeks, an old favourite of mine Topshop blush in morning dew (I’ve linked one similar as I’m not sure if morning dew has been discontinued or not) it’s great for a quick wash of colour. Lollitint is great for that same wash of colour as well, they are both great for the warmer months as they are cream/liquid! Another blush I’ve been loving lately is from MaxFactor. The colour payoff for this blush in seductive pink is gorgeous and if you haven’t had a look at any of the MaxFactor blushes then do! The shades are IN-CREDIBLE and I will definitely be buying more in the future! I don’t always tend to go with a pink lip, it usually tends to be a nude – so the easiest way to include pink in my makeup is definitely through a blush of some kind. Seductive pink is just a quick application and you’re set to go!

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