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You can’t really go wrong with a MAC lipstick and although I probably have way too many – I still want more. Isn’t that always the case with makeup though? Their sleek black packaging is just so photogenic. Mind you, the formulas are just as incredible as well – as most of you will probably know. MAC do some gorgeous shades of nude and berry lipsticks, but here I’m going to talk about some variations of pink lips.
Snob (satin finish) is quite a cool pink, the photo doesn’t do it justice, however in the photo does look a very pink lipstick (well obviously,) but in reality it just has the essence of a more cool toned shade. Applied too thickly it can look tacky in my opinion, but with the right makeup it can create a perfect light pink lip. A lot of my friends have snob, and I think much like angel, it is a good lipstick if you’re just getting into makeup, and want to get your first MAC lipstick. Funny story is, I didn’t intend to buy snob when I strolled to my nearest MAC counter, I’d swatched both ‘please me’ and ‘snob’ on my hand, and asked for snob, thinking it was the darker shade ‘please me’. I only realised this till I got home – however I fell in love with it; so no complaints there (I did however also purchase please me, as you can see from down below)…

Please me (matte finish) is the most pinky shade out of all the lipsticks shown in my opinion, it’s natural, yet can be bold if applied thickly. I absolutely love these types of lipstick, pinky yet muted, it’s not too in your face. It is very pink, and slightly darker than the other shades; although I don’t feel like it is darker on my lips. That has to be something I love with MAC, their lipsticks are all so buildable – which is great because it means I can create different looks.

Angel (frost finish) is a great ‘your lips but better’ shade. It was my first MAC lipstick (as you can see by the battered packaging) and out of all the lipsticks I would say it’s the most wearable, adding some colour, but with the essence of a nude as well. For any newcomers with MAC, I couldn’t recommend angel enough. Talking high-end makeup in general, if you’re going to splurge I would go for something you know you’re going to wear – not just hide in a drawer letting it build up with dust. I think angel ticks the criteria perfectly!

Are there any MAC pink lipsticks that you love? Or are there any on your wishlist you’re thinking about purchasing soon?

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