paris, je t’aime

It seems like a long time since I sat down and did a proper update post, although arguably there may not be a lot to update you on, but after reading Dalal and Lexie‘s ‘what I’ve been…’ posts and Katie’s updates I was in the mood to write one and indeed share a few of my film photos from my college trip to Paris at the end of last month because they’re some of my favourite photos I’ve taken in a while; there’s something so in the moment with film, so I guess it is fitting that the photos should reflect what I’m up to at this moment.


To my surprise quite a lot has happened over the past few weeks/months. College has been a slight blur, the freedom is much nicer than secondary school and I’m making sure (I hope) that I’m using the time wisely enough. At the end of last term, we went on a college trip to Paris for History and the French Revolution which was so much fun, visiting the Louvre, the Château of Versailles etc. ahh it was great to see where royalty used to live. The tour guide was incredibly entertaining and I think the highlights of the walking tours we went on were that we went to the church where Yves Saint Laurent had his funeral and also I found at that the honey produced from the bees in Paris is some of the best honey (in the world? In France? I didn’t quite get the answer to that) because there aren’t any pesticides, unlike in the countryside. As you can tell, I learnt a lot about the French Revolution from the trip.

Over the Easter hols, I saw friends, did a lil’ revision and went to London to see Harry Styles <3 It was one of the best days out, we went to a vegan restaurant/kind of posh fast food place called Eat By Chloe that I would really recommend, albeit a little pricy for what you get but it was lovely. We hit up Covent Garden, The National Gallery, Oxford Street etc. all the touristy places ya know. It was lovely and Harry just topped it off. I’ve been listening to the concert set list ever since and I think I like his album a little more now, I have to admit. On a happy/sad note, I had my last children’s appointment with my hospital. It’s been ten years since I had my condition (my body basically doesn’t produce a hormone that it should normally) so you kind of build up a friendship with the doctors and nurses that you see every time. My mum cried a little. Maybe it was the realisation that I was moving onto adulthood, too soon? Just the right time? Or maybe it was just the people we met. Nevertheless, it made me recognise how fleeting some things in life are, and some things will also inevitably let go of.


I’m going on silver DoFE this weekend and I’m actually, dare I say it, looking forward to it. Despite it being three days off of revision before I have a mock for my philosophy AS (which is three weeks before my actual exam, not quite sure where the logic is but we are rolling with it) I’m looking forward to coming home on Sunday, weary and tired from having walked so far but also with the satisfaction that we walked so far and that we did it! It’s only the practice, the real thing is at the end of June but they’re practically the same and for once it seems like the weather may be slightly warmer than it has been these past few weeks so that’s a bonus as well, we may even be passing round the sun cream.

Next week it’s Fashion Revolution Week! I have a few posts planned but with DoFE at the weekend, revising, socialising, trying to exercise and sleep it’s been kind of hectic so I’m not sure how many posts I’ll be able to post during the week BUT after going to an event ran by Purest Pr, it has inspired me to write a post for next week that I hopefully, fingers crossed, will be able to upload.


It seems like all I’ve been talking about lately is my philosophy exam but for one exam there seems to be a lottttaaa revision. Over the Easter holidays I managed to break it down into manageable chunks and I’m currently answering questions ahead of the mock but we still haven’t finished learning all the content and will the exam looming its head round the corner, I’m not quite sure we will. But, I am staying relatively positive and stress free because I actually really enjoy it and I’m kind of gutted I’m not doing it as an A Level. It was either that or French as an AS but French has very quickly become my favourite subject and I could not thank Dalal enough for being one of the people that persuaded me to take it for an A level last year. Other school related thangs are that I’m handing in my English Lit coursework tomorrow (thurs 19th) which is a huge 7% of my A Level, although I still wanted to make the best of it and it was quite nice to write, Owen Sheers is a poet that I have come to know and, kind of, like. His poems can be quite evocative so I don’t think I’m of an age where I can necessarily appreciate the full extent of what he is trying to mean through them, one can only hope that when I’m older I shall.


After my AS and end of year exams there’s much to look forward to, with an imminent trip to Stockholm at the end of the month with my mum, summer on the horizon which should bring day trips and no doubt open day visits to unis and work experience in Geneva at the end of the summer (AHHH) although I’ll most probably be talking about that nearer the time.

Reading wise, I’ve had periods of non-stop reading and moments where I’ve only been able to read on the bus (which is this moment precisely) but I’ve read a few great books like The Lonely City which I mentioned in my post on documentaries I’d like to watch and When Breath Becomes Air which was incredible and I read it in almost one sitting. I’ve really been loving non-fiction recently, so if you have any recommendations I’d love to know Currently, I’m reading the dystopian The Children Of Men for my English Lit wider reading and it’s surprisingly good, the fact it was written by P.D James who isn’t a dystopian writer seems to allude to it being less like a stereotypical dystopia so it appeals to me more than most.

This post is already longer than my English coursework so maybe it’s a time to stop writing and start doing some philosophy practice questions… How have you all been? I’ve started spending more time reading blogs again and I forgot how much I love it and I need to schedule time each week to have a proper read of posts. It’ll be a more than welcome distraction 😉

lots of love, eleanor xx


  1. Katie Hunter 19th April 2018 at 8:10 am

    Ah Paris, I sometimes cry when I see pics of Paris because its so. damn. beautiful. I adore your film pictures, it makes me really want to learn how to use mine. Hopefully I’ll be going to Paris in June so these pics have totally got me in the mood. It sounds like you’re super busy, but that its all so interesting and inspiring–I watched the 2 Gresham college documentaries you linked in your previous post and they were SO interesting, send me any other historical doc recommendations you’ve got/any you watch! I hope you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders when you hand in your english coursework today and enjoy the sun <3

  2. Dalal Tahira 19th April 2018 at 1:27 pm

    J’adore les fotos dans ton post, Eleanor! La photographie de film est vraiment belle. I’m so glad you enjoy the chatty what I’ve been posts, feel free to use the structure any time. The 7% coursework total made me laugh, surely that’s completely pointless (says the one who wrote her whole 4k english coursework essay last year only to drop the subject) Enjoy Stockholm and Geneva (wooo!), neither are typical destinations so I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of the city and the work experience too. Good luck with your AS Philosophy exam- just remember that even if it doesn’t go as planned, it’s only an AS and not a whole A level. Sending you *all* the positive vibes.

    Dalal //

  3. Lucy Jane 19th April 2018 at 6:25 pm

    I adore all these photos, I want to visit Paris so bad!! Ahhh Harry Styles, YES, I love that you love him, I saw him in Manchester last week and it was incredible!! Also, have fun in Stockholm, I’m hopefully visiting in June and I can’t wait. Good luck with exams, AS levels are stressful but at the end of the day you have another year to improve on them. I always think you get out what you put in, so I’m sure you’ll do amazingly!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  4. Louise Lawrence 20th April 2018 at 1:49 pm

    The pictures of Paris are great, what camera do you use? Really enjoyed reading this post, sometimes its so nice to just write out everything you have planned for the coming months. Enjoy DofE! I miss those hikes across the stunning landscape even though sometimes the weather was horrible. And good luck with your Philosophy exams, I’m starting a degree in it come September and am currently enjoying every moment I don’t have to be studying for an exam…


  5. Libby-Jade Harris 24th April 2018 at 9:45 pm

    I love these types of posts! So jealous of your trip to Paris, the pictures look amazing although I feel really dissatisfied not knowing the measurement of their honey being the best? Your upcoming adventures sound so exciting, I know literally nothing about Geneva so I’m read for your posts to inform me a little bit more! Also good luck with philosophy, a few of my friends done philosophy a-level and I remember sitting in one of their debates once about whether the mind and body was connected and it still makes my brain hurt, such an interesting subject but such a mind fucker as well! That wasn’t meant to scare you btw, I’m just really interested in philosophy but wasn’t brave enough to take it at a-level!x


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