Nip and Fab serum

Entering the world of serums, it can be quite daunting. Until recently I didn’t have a clue what a serum was, what it did and how it was meant to help your help your skin. The difference between a serum and a moisturiser is the serum is to get added nutrients into deeper layers of the skin that your regular moisturiser can’t reach. It’s applied after your toner and before your moisturiser. So it’s almost like a skincare primer! 
I only really discovered serums about half a year ago, The Body Shop ones are very fab, but then I stumbled on Nip + Fab. It came to my attention when Kylie Jenner was announced as the ambassador for the brand. I thought this serum was a good first product from the brand. I’d never really seen any reviews from anything from nip and fab, so I was totally in the dark for whether this would be good or not. 
Nip and Fab are the sister brand for Rodial, a brand I’ve now discovered have a popular Dragon’s Blood line, one which has inspired this range. The Nip + Fab FIX range has the agenda, to plump and hydrate the skin and the line utilises quite similar ingredients including hyaluronic acid and the all important dragon’s blood. It may be intimidating if you’re only just getting into makeup and skincare, however if you saw all the ingredients that went into makeup products I think we’d all be shocked, so using hyaluronic acid isn’t scary! The most intriguing part of the serum is the ‘Dragon’s blood’, but don’t fear it is a powder that is taken from a tree called the Croton Lechleri tree, so no magic here (although don’t worry, I didn’t think that it was actually Dragon’s blood!)  
The product is fantastic! It’s a daily product and it’s meant to be applied in the morning and the evening, but I usually just use it in the evenings. It quickly sinks in the skin and doesn’t leave it feeling wet and heavy (I can sometimes get this with moisturisers, they just don’t dry in my skin quickly,) so it’s a speedy product. My skin instantly feels hydrated, it’s like a surge of moisture – what’s even better is that it has pretty interesting ingredients. The velvet flower in the serum enhances moisturisation to make your skin even more hydrated and if you’re wondering what hyaluronic acid is it’s a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in the body. Probably the only thing putting me off this product is the smell. I’m not too keen on it however I’ve kind of got used to the scent as I’ve been using it so often; I still recommend smelling it before you buy it! At £19.95 it’s on the mid range of the skincare spectrum, on a par with the price of some of The Body Shop products – it’s great value for a serum in my opinion.
Despite not having a clue what a serum was till a while ago, I feel I really know what it does to help my skin and don’t look back! I’d be genuinely interested to try the other products in the range so let me know if you have and your thoughts!  

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