new beginnings

To the moments of this summer I will not forget;
Walking out of a club at 6 in the morning to bask in the Madrid sunrise
Days with old friends
Nights spent with new ones 
From swimming in the sea at 4 am 
To spending the day on a walk where I live, yet have not explored
To walking along a Portugeuse beach
And homemade pizzas cooked in a pizza oven
Having breakfast in front of a painting of the Alps, of which nature is the artist 
And finishing the day drinking €1 Rose
Of clubs nights that started at 1 am 
And art gallery treks
A spontaneous few days in Vienna spent drinking in the culture and overpriced cocktails
Who could forget the baroque architecture? 
Watching fireworks on a rooftop bar 
A first date 
A first kiss 
Messages sent, deleted, disregarded
Some regrets and no regrets 
A day spent in London that turned into a night out in London
Days spent working
Days spent writing, contemplating
Days spent by the pool, laughing, crying with laughter, crying over the crush I had on the barman 
The euphoria of results day and the relief that ensued
The French award I opened whilst waiting for a bus in Valencia, confirmation I’d make the right decision
A day (or two) spent recovering from the night before
The bestest of friends
Books read
Books still yet to read
A Unesco site (Sintra)
Trying truffle pasta at a highly underrated restaurant (INCRED)
Of morning runs that led to thinking about life and the world and people 
Hours spent in charity shops 
Hours spent in coffee shops 
Hours spent catching up 
A party 
A theatre trip 
The realisation that life is what it is, and the answer is beautiful and busy and that one needs to check in sometimes
Looking at a clock that reads 20:48 on a bus from Bristol Airport, feeling slightly melancholy at messages unopened
Screaming Pompeii, knowing the words weren’t exactly right 
A plethora of film photos 
A spontaneous evening at the beach watching the sun go down on old times, to coincide with the entrance of new ones. 

I know these words don’t necessarily make sense, but this summer in all its glory has in parts not made any sense to me. It was both perfect and flawed and fleeting yet lengthy.

This summer has been truly the best, most magical period of my life so far. It has been hectic, somewhat overwhelming with a needed propensity of time out before university. Life lessons learnt and a whole lot still to learn, here are to new beginnings.

lots of love, eleanor xx


  1. Katie Hunter 21st September 2019 at 9:32 am

    This is soo beautiful, I especially love ‘the realisation that life is what it is and the answer is beautiful and busy’, your summer sounds perfect in a real life kind of way. Its so hard to put summers and experiences and happiness into words, but I think you captured it all perfectly. Good luck at uni, thinking of you <333

  2. Faye 22nd September 2019 at 8:59 pm

    I loved reading this post – it’s such a unique style of writing that you don’t see often in blog posts. Good luck with the year ahead! x


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