My style inspirations

Style really varies, what’s in one minute is out the next, and growing up I think I find that one piece of clothing I loved last year I absolutely hate now (lets just say my wallet is crying,) so then I turn to trendsetters such as Alexa Chung, and the Jenners – here we have a look at my favourite celebrities for fashion inspo.

Alexa Chung
  Alexa chung has to be one of my favourite style icons out there, just the effortless look she has going on, ahh I’m in love. The denim peplum top has that Parisian feel about it, and she works it so well. If I was going to steal her style I would probably go for peplum tops, nothing revealing (a style I don’t particularly like, why do we need to where hardly anything to look attractive?) I would also lean towards intricate patterns with Alexa, she just works them so well!
Suki Waterhouse
  Besides the slightly revealing crop top worn by Suki in the photo on the left, her style is just so gorgeous and floaty, the perfect feminine dresses really showing off just how beautiful she can be. The colour scheme she wears are just so delicate yet bold and for me this really reflects Suki as a person. I would say this is the hardest person out of my four style inspirations to ‘recreate’ as such, however it is style possible to achieve that whimsical look she so perfectly achieves. Delicate, floaty pieces, with some bold colours, and floral pieces as well – very feminine.
Kendall and Kylie Jenner
I couldn’t do a style post without mentioning these gorgeous girls – behold Kylie and Kendall Jenner (obviously you know who they are already!) Their style is to die for! I think out of everyone mentioned, their style is one that can be ‘stolen’ the easiest, recreating looks with high street brands quite easily in my opinion! Their stylish ‘smart casual’ look is definitely utilised in the clothes they wear. Moment of happiness for me as both Kendall and Kylie are wearing a camel coat in the pictures – an item in my wardrobe I recently splashed out on. Kylie is still only 17 and although I think some of the things she wears are slightly revealing, her age really shows in the things she wears, as with Kendall as well.  To steal their ‘style’ I would think all black outfits, simple statment pieces, and not as much pattern worn. Simple yet sophisticated.
And of course, I get fashion inspiration from all of you! I think I’d be way more inept to the whole fashion industry without looking at fashion bloggers, in a future post I can do my favourite fbloggers if you like? I just love looking at peoples style and how it’s influenced through trends and celebrities, yet everyone is so different when it comes to what they wear – I love it!

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