Mascara on a budget

Despite being a lover of the more expensive mascaras such as Benefits roller lash and the Too Faced ‘better than sex’, I would probably say my favourite mascaras actually come from the drugstore! Here’s a peek at my favourites!
Probably my favourite mascara I’ve ever used is the seventeen falsify HD mascara. It’s AH – MAZING. Now with mascaras, although some may claim to volumise, lengthen, define and curl – no mascara is going to deliver everything that you want, so don’t expect it to. This mascara is perfect for definition and length. It creates a stunning look without being clumpy (my one definite pet peeve when it comes to mascara,) and whenever I use it, I always get compliments on my eyelashes – always a bonus! One coat gives a nice natural lash look, whilst two coats gives gorgeous lengthy lashes. I first came to light of this mascara while watching makeup artist Wayne Goss’ video (the link here). Although I don’t think this range is available outside the UK, if you can buy it, I would extremely recommend. The mascara itself is one I’ve actually been bothered to repurchase, usually i’ll buy a mascara and when it runs out buy a different one – just to see what it’s like. A big thumbs up from me.
For the everyday look, I would turn to Maxfactor mascaras, my favourite being the 2000 calorie mascara. It doesn’t clump, defines, and holds a curl – perfect for a quick fix for the day. This is the mascara I use most for school as if I’m in a hurry to get out the house I want a mascara that I know won’t clump when I’m rushing to coat my lashes. I have yet to try any other mascaras from Maxfactor, but let me know if you have and your of them.
Onto what I would say is a brand for mascaras for the mega lashes. Maybelline pull of basically every mascara they bring out – and these two are no different. The colossal go extreme! and the lash sensational  are my favourite for bold eyelashes. I love Maybelline mascaras other than the concept of them being clumpy – is it only me that finds this? They’re so great for volume, but I feel I’m looking at the mirror for ages trying to de-clump my lashes. Don’t get me wrong, some days the mascara just goes one so well (mainly when I’m not in a hurry to be somewhere) but others, it’s not the best day for mascara. Nevertheless with the lash sensational people tell me how long my eyelashes look when I’ve applied it well… if only they knew how long it took me to do!
There’s mascaras her for the beautiful, everyday, and bold looks – but which ones are your favourite? Are there any you thing I should try out from the drugstore – or are you more high-end when it comes to lashes?


  1. Eleanor Pritchard 7th April 2015 at 9:03 am

    Really? I've tried the scandal eyes and absolutely hated it! xx


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