Mac lipstick collection 2015


Back row left – right | Kinda sexy, Velvet teddy, Angel, Snob
Front row left – right  | Please me, Mehr, Twig, Crosswires
I absolutely love MAC lipsticks, truth be told they’re not the best lipsticks out there, but the shades are stunning and they’re not the most expensive (the lower end of high end lipsticks). For someone who is just getting into makeup and wants a more expensive lipstick, MAC is an absolutely great option. At £15.50 they’re a brilliant present idea or a treat for yourself without breaking the bank. My MAC lipstick collection isn’t the hugest in the world but it is hardly the smallest. I’m grateful that I have all of these and in now way am I trying to show off the lipsticks that I have. They are all quite similar but I wouldn’t want to buy more expensive lipsticks that I wouldn’t wear (and I can tell the difference #justifyinglipsticks101). 
Kinda sexy | Matte finish – this is one of the lipsticks I wear the most. It looks incredibly similar to Velvet teddy in some lights however on the lips and swatched on my arm I think they look quite different. It is a peachy toned nude and I absolutely love it – it would suit a lot of skin tones and I think it is fitting for all seasons. Nudes are a great lipstick to start with if you’re just getting into makeup; MAC do an extensive range with different finishes so there is something to suit everyone! 
Velvet teddy | Matte finish – the legendary Velvet teddy lipstick. Whilst I probably bought this mainly because of the hype surrounding it, I do love it as lipstick. Between Kinda sexy and Velvet teddy I would probably choose Kinda sexy, but that’s most likely because I just think Kinda Sexy suits me better.
Angel | Frost finish – a much creamier lipstick in the form of a frost finish is Angel. I’ve gone on about this lipstick quite a lot and it is the first MAC lipstick I ever bought, which was around a year ago. It is a great first lipstick I think and I think it looks best just lightly dabbed on the lips as applied normally I think it can look a bit tacky. It’s not my favourite formula of lipstick (I much prefer matte finishes) but I love shade. 
Snob | Satin finish – this is probably the only MAC lipstick I regret buying. It’s a really barbie pink shade and I don’t quite know what I was thinking when I bought it. It’s wearable with other lipsticks but it is way to light and cool toned for me.
Please me | Matte finish – I honestly just love this rosy pink so much. I probably don’t wear it as often as I would like to but I’m definitely more of a browner pink/peachy person. It is much more wearable than a shade like Snob though and I do still wear it – just not as often as my other lipsticks. I think I’d probably wear it more if it was a sheerer finish opposed to a matte, so if you have any dupes I’d love to know! 
Mehr | Matte finish – Mehr is what I call a grown up pink. It is more brown toned yet still not a nude and is slightly darker that your normal pink lipstick. I wear it quite often and people always seem to notice when I’m wearing it (for good reasons). 
Twig | Satin finish – A slightly more creamy formula than the matte lipsticks, MAC’s Twig is probably my favourite lipstick. The lipstick is similar to Mehr in the bullet but when swatched it is clear that Twig is darker with definite brown tones. Whenever I don’t know what to wear on my lips I usually just turn to Twig – it’s a great lipstick for wearing in the day but I also think it looks totally great at night as well. A huge thumbs up from me! 
Crosswires | Cremesheen finish – the brightest lipstick I own from MAC yet I still wear it quite often. It is a gorgeous pink with corally undertones without being orangey or obviously a coral lipstick. I think it’s great if you want a bright lipstick but don’t know what to buy – Crosswires is a great option.
I hope you enjoyed reading my MAC lipstick collection and be sure to let me know your favourites!


  1. Curvy Bird 6th December 2015 at 9:22 pm

    Love your collection. You do have a nice colour scam to it, pinky nude.
    I Do really like mehr in your photo's! I always pick it up at the counter but never take it home with me. I am afraid its to warm toned for me. What colours are on your wishlist? I love bold colours as well but that's why I kind of miss neutrals in my collection.



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