Looking at life in a better light

One of my best friends taught me that if you don’t even try, you’ll never get what you’re looking for. Although they didn’t find what they were originally looking for, in my opinion they found something even better – happiness. Now happiness comes in different forms, it could just be getting a good grade on a test or just seeing someone that makes you smile. Looking at life with a more positive perspective is really something everyone should do. Waking up in the morning thinking ‘today’s going to be a good day’ already makes you have a better view of what you’re going to do.

Your outlook on life can really affect how you act towards people and yourself, along with a variety of other things, I think that thinking happy thoughts about a situation opposed to what could go wrong or why the situation is bad really changes things. Personally, I find it so hard to make friends, I just get so anxious about things, overthinking being the main issue, I always used to ask myself questions like, why are they looking at me like that? Am I being too clingy? However these questions used to override even my thoughts on the person, affecting the way I acted, making  the issue of trying to make friends even worse. But this year I decided to take a better approach to situations I felt anxious in, either leaving them, or thinking of ways to make it better rather than making it worse. Truthfully, I’ve found this so helpful, and seeing things with a better perspective helps so much. Happiness is different for everyone, but it starts with the way you view the world, and ends with the things that make you happy.

Things I do when I’m anxious or sad to brighten up my day –

•Look in a mirror and smile. It seems such a simple thing, but when I’m feeling down, looking at myself smiling changes things. Like if you can smile on the outside, there may be a way of smiling on the inside.

•Listening to my favourite music. I think anyone can agree that listening to music triggers emotions. When I’m not feeling too great, listening to the words of happy songs such as ‘say it just say it’ by The Mowgli’s. No sad music allowed though!

•YouTube! I just bloody love YouTube! Watching Tanya Burr’s old vlogmas videos somehow make everything seem a little more positive. I tend not to go for Netflix when I’m not feeling too great, because that just leads to hours of binge watching!

I hope this helps some of you, and let tomorrow be a better day than today! But remember do what you love, and don’t let anyone stop you.

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