Let’s talk staples: the White T-shirt

So there’s no denying it, I wear a plain white tee way too often. If I don’t know what to wear? Then I’ll go for a white tee and jeans – trust me, I love white probably too much. People say that if you find a white top that’s just perfect it can last you for years. I don’t think I’ve quite found the perfect white top – my favourite happens to be just too big (despite it being the smallest size, Zara woes) so I’m still on the hunt. I have about 5 plain white tees; what did tell you, I’m obsessed!

In terms of styling white tops, the world is your oyster. There’s outfits for a cropped white tshirt (still need to get my hands on a Brandy Melville tee) and there’s also outfits for those days were you just need to put an outfit together in five minutes – because we all have those days where we are in a rush! But don’t forget that you can dress up a white tshirt, they definitely don’t have to be just for casual occasions! If anyone doesn’t know, I’ve been Pinterest obsessed lately, so I thought I’d show you some outfit ideas from there! If you want to follow me on the app my username is @eleanorclaudie *blushes because cheeky self promo* and I would love to see all your boards/pins as well! 
Rewind a few years and my childhood basically entailed wearing a plethora of dungarees, the easy way to put together a cute outfit (yes, I did just say ‘cute outfit’ – clothing can be adorable) although this was when I was about five. Would I wear them now? Hella yes. I love the look of dungarees and a white tee (especially the look on the far right) it just looks so effortless and extremely perfect for summer. Styled with some trainers, this casual look is a great way to style a white top. 
For a more dressed up option there’s the trousers/white tee combo. Trousers are a brilliant way to add a more dressy feel to the look, without being overly formal. My favourite look out of the four here is the one on the far left as I love the grey, slightly unfitted trouser look right now. 
And finally here’s a look that is the most effortless, casual look of them all… The white tee and jeans. Change it up by adding some heels, or a statement necklace and your look instantly changes! Alternatively you could add a tartan shirt to wrap around your waist or a leather jacket to add an extra something to the casual look. Generally this is the look I’ll go back to when I don’t know what to wear, as you can’t really go wrong with a look like this! 

Here’s only three ways to style a simple white tee, but it’s a staple item in your wardrobe and there’s just so many ways that you can create a gorgeous outfit with this clothing item! 

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