Lets talk about the Naked 3

A cult product that has been raved about many a time by the beauty blogger/vlogger world, and I finally sought it to be my turn to hop on the bandwagon. The fine specimen of the ‘Urban Decay Naked 3 palette’. The Urban Decay website described the palette as ’12 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN (and insanely beautiful) rose-hued neutrals’ and that I can definitely agree with.

Ranging from pale, pink nudes to a deep black matte, the naked 3 is just glorious (old fashioned word #sorrynotsorry) but it really is! Ever since I brought it, the palette has been my go to eyeshadows – this was in November, there are so many looks that can be created with the palette, for example a dark smoky eye or a light sparkly look, perfect for parties at this time of year.
The shadows are a beautiful velvety texture, especially combined with the Urban decay eyeshadow primer they last all day, and in my opinion the brand is the best for eyeshadows, the ones I’ve tried so far at least! Let me know your favourite brand for eyeshadows down below and I’ll check them out in the future! Hope you’ve all had a good day wherever you are!

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