Lace ups – just a passing trend?

Top – ASOS
Personally I love the lace up trend. There’s shoes, dresses, jumpers and tops that all share something in common – they all lace up! I wanted to write this post as a focus on this trend – is it here to stay or is it just one of those in one year out the next? It’s been here since the start of the year and with Autumn and Winter clothing in full swing, there’s no sign of it going. 
When I first saw lace up trend on tops I thought it was an absolute no go, I thought they were too revealing (although I only seem to wear tops that are really high-necked so it was quite a jump for me)! Gradually after seeing more and more people wearing this trend, I decided to take the plunge and buy a top for myself. After searching high and low I found a lovely one from ASOS (the one featured above) and I love it! It’s great for this time of year as you can layer it, however if it is a big warmer it looks just as lovely on its own with a jacket or coat. 
DI’ve chosen my picks from some of my favourite stores to show you all! 
Shoes – I do quite like this aspect of the lace up trend, although I’ve tried a couple of the pointed shoes and they really do not suit my feet. The lace up sandals however are gorgeous and would be great for a night out (even if your toes may get cold). 

From left – right | Lace up block heels, Lace up knee high gladiator sandals Lace up pointed ballerina shoes 
Clothes – I have been persuaded to really like lace up clothing now. I only own one item which is the ASOS top above, but there are some really cute ways in which you can incorporate the trends into your clothes. Whilst I probably wouldn’t wear the top in the co-ord below, I do think the skirt is really cute! I have to say my favourite piece is the striped top (see my ode to striped tops here) and I think it’s quite versatile and would look cute layered with different pieces for autumn/winter.
From left – right | Lace up stripey top, lace up dress, lace up mini skirt

There are just a few ideas of ways you can introduce the ‘lace up’ trend into your wardrobe and I have a feeling this trend is here to stay for another season at least! What are you thoughts on the trend?

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