la peste, albert camus

Alors, mon livre favori! Franchement, ce livre est le meilleur seulement à cause des sujets humaniste et ouvert de la société pendant l’occupation de la France dans la deuxième guerre mondiale. La Peste est publié en 1947 et suivre la vie du narrateur inconnu tout au long de la montée et de la chute d’une peste moderne dans la ville d’Oran. Bien sur, on lira à la fin du livre qui est le narrateur. C’est un des beaucoup des faits qui montre ce dont le livre parle, la nature humaine.

So, my favorite book! Frankly, this book is the best only because of the humanist and open topics of society during the occupation of France in the Second World War. The Plague is published in 1947 and follows the life of the unknown narrator throughout the rise and fall of a modern plague in the city of Oran. Of course, we will read at the end of the book who the narrator is. It is one of the many facts that show what the book speaks about, human nature.

Il y a cinq parties du livre, tout sensibilise les personnages different qui ont réagi à la peste dans un manière pour leur propre famille ou circonstance. En revanche, le thème de la guerre est accentuée par des opinions divisées vers la situation de la peste. Tu pourrais dire que tout le monde est à guerre avec chacun (oohhh, la litérature anglaise ici).

There are five parts of the book, all highlight different characters who have reacted to the plague in a way for their own family or circumstance. On the other hand, the theme of the war is accentuated by divided opinions towards the plague situation. You could say that everyone is at war with everyone (OOH english literature here).

Il n’y a pas d’assez mots pour décrire ce livre. Je l’ai lu en anglaise et puis en le française – la difference était intéressant
seulement parce qu’il la moyen de description de la situation autour Oran. Traduction est toujours bizarre pour voir le façon dans qui des traducteurs choisissent leurs mots et les points de grammaire. C’était une experience dans l’art de traduction!

There are not enough words to describe this book. I read it in English and then in French – the difference was interesting
only because it means the description of the situation around Oran. Translation is always bizarre to see the way in which translators choose their words and grammar points. It was an experience in the art of translation! 

To conclude, next months book will be my last French book club post </3 but my posts will be eternally here to read, revisit and discover some of the joys of French literature, whether that is in translation or in the original French version. My last book that I’m focusing on is a little like my first in its language and almost ‘chick flick’ nature, although Oscar and La Dame Rose is no where near chick flick in nature and it is still one of the most heart wrenching books I’ve read, despite being in another language. ‘No et Moi’ is the book that I’m studying for A Level so I should have lots of information to regurgitate about it (or so I hope). I haven’t yet finished it but I’m nearly there and I’m really excited to get to the end and see how it does unfold because I actually have no idea. From first viewing, the book is definitely great for a learner of French because the language structures aren’t too difficult, it is just the unknown vocabulary that might pose an issue. You can find the book easily in English as well and it is quite easy to consume in one sitting although I have heard from my friends that have read the English translation that it is definitely a little different to the French so it might be interesting to read one and then the other? Either way, stay tuned for my review next month!

Happy reading, au revoir! eleanor xx


  1. Erin Grace 14th November 2018 at 6:20 pm

    J’adore lire tes critiques de livres en francais parce que je trouve le francais difficile donc c’est très utile à lire beaucoup de francais avec de traduction! (we all know that sentence’s gramar is probably affreux but there we go!) That sounds like such an interesting book, especially how there are differences between the French and English versions! I am also studying No Et Moi for A Level (we started learning it a couple of weeks ago) so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and would love to hear your techniques of learning it! It definitely can be a bit difficult because there is so much slang in it! x

    Erin // Everything Erin


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