Jump into spring: nails

Winter is the period of the dark nail, and even though I’ll continue to wear this going into spring, I thought I’d bring out the pastel colours. Ciate nail varnishes are just incredible, I’ve got mini ones from the mini mani month at Christmas, and the full size of these are £9, although I think they’re definitely worth it. The greenish colour – apple and custard is perfect for this time of year,  although I can find outfits don’t quite match with the shade. The shade I have been wearing literally every week is the light blue – chinchilla. I could rave on about this forever, I’ve gotten quite a few compliments when I wear it, and I can see why. I haven’t seen a shade like this on the market as its more a greyish blue than most shades, and I’m so in love! The pastel purple – sugar plum is such a gorgeous purple shade, it’s a classic light purple, with the most adorable name (ciates names a just so cute and also one of the reasons why I love the brand so much,) I think some of the issues with pastel colours, that if you’re styling the polishes with outfits, they might not match. However, this purple shade I think would go with quite a lot of pieces, and I really like it!
Maybe not a pastel shade, the yellow nail polish loop the loop is more on the bright side of spring. I’m not the most adventurous of nail polish goers, and once I find a shade I love I’ll probably wear it for a good while. So loop the loop is slightly out of my comfort zone, but you never know, I might wear it! The final shade is the light pink –amazing gracie. Transitioning into spring, I think although I would like to continue with neutrals and deeper shades, amazing gracie is just a gorgeous in between, you’ve got your pastel pink, yet it isn’t too sheer that some people might assume, I’m so in love with this colour, and will continue to wear it throughout spring and into the summer months.
I don’t forget to put my nail varnish saver Sally Hansen Double Duty Base this stuff literally is the best for a good appliance of nail varnish, and I haven’t found a better base coat on the market! 
Happy Thursday everyone!


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