I’ve joined the gym so… what about ethical gym clothes?*

Never did I think I would be writing that kind of title to a blog post but seeing as it is still January and the New Year and all I decided I would make 2018 the quest to join the gym. Well, it’s slightly ironic because the gym I go to is free because it’s at college, but nevertheless I’ve still joined and I will go every week (I tell myself with hope). I did go on a few runs last summer and I actually felt great but with the cold weather set in and asthma, running outside is a definite no go.

There’s something to be said in setting fitness goals, they’re great don’t get me wrong but they’re not for me, nor for everyone. There’s nothing I particularly want to get out of going to the gym but the sense that it’s good for my body and I think I’m happy for it. Yes, I may complain and moan about going but after I have I actually feel pretty great. Is it the notion of going to the gym itself and partaking in an activity loved by so many bloggers on the internet or is it the exercise having an effect on my body? Ah endorphins and all. Going to the gym on my own is also, in my opinion, a LOT better than going with other people because wow would I get distracted. I like going on my own also because there’s a lack of judgement, the gym is a hugely weird environment (I suppose more so if you’re like me and have never been in a gym before) and I feel like everyone judges other peoples fitness goals whilst being conscious of their need to get better at their own.

I did tell a slight lie about setting fitness goals though, I do have one and that is to run 5K within half an hour. When I was at the gym on Friday I ran 2K in 15 minutes so that’s not too bad, I’m getting there and with practiceI think it is achievable. It’s the little goals that count when it comes to fitness and myself.

So… I’ve joined the gym but do I have any ethical gym wear/gear/clothes (as you can tell I am on the path to become a fitness guru)? The answer to that is no. At the moment, I’m wearing old Adidas leggings that I bought for DoFe in year 10 before I made the change to ethical fashion and various old oversized tops that hide every curve because I think that is the most threatening thing about going to the gym, most people are actually wearing proper gym clothes and I’m there in a touristy T-shirt I bought from Florence in 2016. Goodness forbid I don’t even wear a sports bra, or actually own one for that matter. I definitely don’t look like a gym goer but then again I’m not sure I set out to be, I’m doing it for fun, to feel great about my body because there is no set goal and to ultimately get healthier.

This said, there are some great ethical gym clothes I’ve found and if I didn’t have £1.19 in my bank account after purchasing a trip to Stockholm last week I would be buying gym clothes left right in center. I basically live in my old Adidas leggings (for DoFe I bought two pairs because Adidas leggings were all the range then and I wanted one for the Friday and one for the Saturday) and they’ve managed to culminate holes that although I should and will repair, I have yet to make the time to do so and I would also really like some new gym clothes.

So the journey to find ethical gym wear began and it was a lot easier and plentiful than I could’ve imagined. People Tree, Girlfriend Collective, Know the Origin, Pansy Co and Englebert Strauss. Here’s my pick of the best in ethical gym clothes:

Photos taken from People Tree, Reve-En-Vert and Know the Origin

If you’re on the hunt for leggings I thought People Tree and Know The Origin were the perfect gym go to. I never really considered 3/4 leggings but I think they actually might be more flattering than I first thought, and they would probably end up coming to full length leggings on me anyway. Also, although I probably wouldn’t wear them, I had to include this pair of sunflower leggings from Reve-En-Vert because who wouldn’t want to turn up to the gym in sunflowers all over your legs???

These leggings from Engelbert Strauss* are actually perfect for running outside (for those of you who want to brave the cold) because unlike most I still think running outdoors is freezing and they would be great for my next DoFe expedition as well because I’m not sure if my Adidas leggings will be able to sustain all that walking. Engelbert Strauss also sell thermal tops (long sleeve and short sleeve) which are perfect as well for running outside, or for when I work on the market because I am in constant need of thermals.

Photos taken from Girlfriend Collective and Pansy Co.

Alternatively, if you wanted sports bras or tops, look no further than Girlfriend Collective and Pansy Co. Their Instagram accounts are something of beauty and their clothes match up to it. Girlfriend Collective sells bold, bright designs that ooze coolness and radiate transparency and sustainability. From the process of dying to the way they’re made, their website detailed every step of the manufacturing process: their sports bras are definitely one to purchase (and their leggings, or just everything they sell??)

Pansy Co. is such a cool, hip American brand that sells ethical cotton underwear and clothes, the organic cotton is grown and milled domestically and the underwear is design and sewn locally.Their sport clothes could easily double up as regular clothes, I think that’s what I’m really looking for in the gym clothes I buy: clothes that I can wear to the gym but not feel embarrassed about walking round college in them. So the T-shirt is definitely on the top of my list of things to buy for the gym.

Thinking about trainers/socks (then I think that’s all gym essentials covered) I would again say Pansy Co. as they sell some thick socks that I think would be perfect for the gym, running or lounging about the house, because we all know I would choose the latter. Although I haven’t bought them before, there’s so many great reviews about ethletic trainers, although I personally love wearing my Veja trainers… even if their purpose definitely is not for running.

Do you know of any ethical fitness brands? Please can someone reassure me that I am not the only one who goes to the gym looking like they took the wrong turning (whelp)

lots of love, eleanor xx

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  1. Emsi Rose 27th January 2018 at 6:58 pm

    I LOVE going to the gym, it's just such a shame it's so expensive.. there's no point me renewing my membership this year so I'm going to be doing more Yoga and home workouts, however I will definitely be hitting up these brands on the search for more ethical clothes xx


  2. Eleanor Pritchard 28th January 2018 at 8:37 pm

    I'm definitely taking advantage of my college gym as it's free! I hope you like the brands as much as I do! xx

  3. Aisha Konneh 7th February 2018 at 9:20 pm

    After a tough first semester at college, I committed to going to the gym 5 times a week and honestly I love it. The struggle to actually get up and go is beyond real but it does feel amazing afterwards. I love People Tree’s fitness apparel and love that you provided a list of other ethical brands to shop from. Great post!



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