Goodbye dry lips

Having dry lips is an issue all of us will probably face at some point, but it’s knowing how to try and avoid them and what to do if they are dry that’s the saviour.
Of course it all starts from within, drinking water will hyrdate your lips and ‘help’ to prevent dryness, but it won’t stop it happening altogether (well it might but that’s very lucky if you do). I try to drink at least 1.5 litres a day (although I find it incredibly hard) but it does have a good affect – with other areas of your body as well. Try not to bite the chapped lips as this will make it worse and don’t lick them, your lips will always end up more dehydrated than before.
There probably isn’t a long term fix to dry lips, with different seasons you just don’t know that your lips are always going to be juicy and flake free, however finding a good and trusty lip balm is the second step. Lip balms that contain lanolin are better than petroleum ones; my holy grail lip balm being the Carmex original – it helps that is is very cheap as well! Why is lanolin better though? Lanolin is a waxy oil produced by sheep that gives the wool it’s waterproof property. It’s extracted from the wool after sheering (so no animals were harmed) and then it is refined to remove any other impurities. The reason lanolin based lip balms are better than petroleum based ones is because other than the Eco-concerns surrounding petroleum jelly it also forms a seal over the skin, disrupting the bodies eliminations of toxins through the pores – meaning they could potentially get trapped. There are other reasons why petroleum isn’t the best for your skin – so keep that ingredient in mind if you are looking for a new lip balm (but seriously try the Carmex one it’s AMAZING!) 
My go to dry lip ‘methods’ involve everyday items. The first one is just getting a warm wet flannel and gently rubbing this over the lips to get rid of any flakiness then apply my lip balm – I do this twice a week. The second method is after you’ve brushed your teeth rub your toothbrush along your lips much like the flannel method, and then apply your lip balm – I use this method quite a lot and have done for such a long time, a very quick fix!
Alternatively you can go down the lip scrub route, my favourite one coming from lush, but remember not to over scrub the lips. Like an exfoliater if you do it too often it can be doing more than good. I tend to use this once a week (depending on how many times I use the toothbrush or flannel method). 
Are there any products that you rely on a lot for your lips and if so leave a comment below! 


  1. Chloe Jenvey 2nd May 2015 at 8:59 pm

    Blistex intensive lip moisturiser is great, no scrubbing needed. I tend to use this at season changes as this makes my lips peel badly 🙂 xx


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