I am aware that this is my first post since ‘january‘ and no, my blog is not going to become a monthly diary and yes, I am going to be writing some meaningful posts over the next few weeks when I have a spare moment and I ! Will ! Stick ! To ! That ! As I said in my last post, life has been busy and although there has been greater regularity, it has still been filled with an abundance of memories.

a few highlights include
Manchester and back for a friend’s birthday (driving back in storm Ciara was an interesting experience)
saying goodbye to friends off on their gap year travels
making a skirt out of a tablecloth (will feature when the weather improves!)
a lovely afternoon in London followed by:
seeing The 1975
a wholesome night spend in Oxford followed by a morning brunching and playing football and exploring the city
my earrings featuring on the catwalk of Grey’s College, Durham
joining the gym (and planning on utilising the hour lunch break I have at work because health)

what I’ve been reading this month
Eugenie Grandet by Balzac was a translation of the French book, which was intriguing and sad and one of those books I try to explain to people in an overly complicated manner. I am definitely going to read at least one French book in French this month though, otherwise I will be going to university with a diminished understanding of the language I love.
Keeping an Eye Open by Julian Barnes has changed the way I want to view art and has inspired me in so many ways to sponge up as much as possible about art history and french artists

what I’ve been watching/listening to this month
I mentioned in my previous post that I don’t watch a lot on TV or otherwise but I have been watching Secrets of The Museum on BBC iPlayer whilst I make the jewellery for Felt Fancy. The series takes a look behind the scenes at the V&A and the craftwork required for the upkeep of the museum and the exhibitions.

sustainable life updates?
Didn’t buy any new clothes for the month, whether that be from the charity shop or a sustainable fashion brand. The new addition to my wardrobe was the skirt I made and I am excited to get back into sewing/crochet in March; getting the sewing machine out for the first time in nearly a year has brought back that inspiration I needed to start again. Here’s to March being a month of creative flow (and more blog posts!)

lots of love, Eleanor xxx

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  1. Katie Hunter 7th March 2020 at 8:00 am

    eek, beautiful pic of rad cam!!! i still can’t believe i missed ur message about coffee, please come again!!<333
    I'm so pleased ur really busy, it sounds like you're having a lovely time, and also wow I wish I could commit enough to exercise that I went to the gym during my lunch break omg!


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