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This year is the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster that highlighted just how much the fashion industry was in need of major change. With Fashion Revolution week only a few weeks away, taking place this year between 23rd-29th April, it seemed fitting to compile a post of events that you can attend, why you should attend them and how you can spread the word about Fashion Revolution Week ahead of time.

Why attend ethical events? They’re a fantastic way to educate yourself further about issues surrounding the fast fashion industry but they’re so much more. The events are about celebrating the amazing changes that are being done and raising awareness of how we can propagate these changes further, whether it be at an individual level or on a larger scale. They’re also a great way to meet like minded people, who want change within the fashion industry as much as yourself.


An event that I am very excited to attend is one that is taking place on 17th April, a week before Fashion Revolution Week. It’s a sustainable fashion and beauty event that is showcasing a few of my favourite ethical fashion brands, namely Maison De Choup and also Know The Origin but also brands that I haven’t heard of before such as Deborah Campbell Atelier and Willow Organic so I’m really looking forward to learn more about them ahead of the event.

What is it? Sustainable fashion and beauty pop up event.

Where? Mettricks Guildhall, Southampton

When? Tuesday 17th April from 5pm until 7.30pm.

But who is running the event and who are Purest. PR? Founded in 2018, Purest. PR and Communications agency works with wholly sustainable and ethical fashion and beauty brands with the aim of promoting positive change through thoughtful buying choices. Every one of our clients is affordable, responsible and fashionable. Their mission statement is: ‘to inspire people to make mindful, conscious fashion choices and raise awareness of the importance of being sustainable. It is our aim to reverse the preconceptions of ethical fashion and beauty by helping our clients to be totally transparent through forward-thinking PR methods, live events and digital communications.‘ I’m really looking forward to going to the event as it is rare that ethical events take place around where I live (a lot of the time they are in London), so I will definitely be blogging about it. 

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Another event that I would love to attend but alas college is taking priority (I’m not really sure how much my teachers would like me taking a morning off, even if it is for the purpose of sustainable fashion) is the Love Not Landfill event on April 24th.

What is it? Bringing unwanted clothes of your own to the event, it’s your chance to rummage through old clothes and swap them for a new outfit, a fantastic way of encouraging a more secular life-cycle for your clothes and as a result. There’s the chance to select outfits with Emma Slade-Edmondson, the stylist behind Back of the Wardrobe and Charity Fashion Live. It’s a free event although a deposit of £15 is required to reserve a space that’ll be refunded on arrival. The proceeds from those who don’t attend will go towards Fashion Revolution, which is fantastic and I wish I could attend!

Where? L M Barry Textile Recyclers, North Crescent, Canning Town, London, E16 4TG

When? Tuesday 24th April 10:00 – 12:00 am



The other ethical events I wanted to mention were those found through the Fashion Revolution website. On my Twitter (@eleanorclaudie) over the past few weeks I keep seeing more and more ethical events that are going to be taking place during Fashion Revolution Week. But ethical events aren’t just for Fashion Revolution Week and that’s why the event finder on the Fashion Revolution Week website is so good for finding out about what is going on around you or abroad, I know I will definitely be re-visiting it.

One of the events that really caught my attention was the Open Studios at Vivienne Westwood, an opportunity to see behind the scenes of the design process and an insight into the evolution of Vivienne Westwood’s collections; an amazing opportunity and I just wish I lived near London! I wanted to shine a light on the Fashion Open Studio, an initiative started by Fashion Revolution to highlight the innovation and design processes that are behind some of the garments. There were Open Studio events last year and there are events in the USA, Germany, China this year. It’s a great way to not just ask #whomademyclothes but to really learn about the process that leads to the making itself, the behind the scenes of brands we know and love and how they’re tackling the changing fashion world. Another one of the Fashion Open Studio events that is very cool and in the UK on April 28th is ‘HOW WILL YOU MAKE IT?’ For the event you would learn how to make a ONE-Piece (the brand running it are called ONEBYME World) “Oversized Front Pocket Sweat Tee”. To learn about and then create a finished garment that isn’t part of the fast fashion industry, an idea that truly encapsulates the ethos of Fashion Revolution Week in my opinion.

Are you going to any fashion events ahead of or during Fashion Revolution Week? If so let me know! I’d love to know if you have anything exciting planned for Fashion Revolution week, I’m currently finalising my post ideas but I really need to get ahead with writing them because I didn’t realise how near the week actually is. I will no doubt be also sharing on my twitter ethical events to attend in the run up to the week.

lots of love, eleanor xx


  1. lexie 11th April 2018 at 9:20 pm

    The event at Southampton sounds fab and it’s near to me, I’ll try and get down there. This is such a great post gal! I wouldn’t have heard otherwise xo

    1. Anna Macken 12th April 2018 at 3:40 pm

      Hi Lexie. We would love to see you at the event on 17th April if you can make it! It should be a really great evening. From Purest.PR (aka Anna Macken)!

    2. eleanorclaudie 14th April 2018 at 10:00 pm

      I would love to see you there Lexi! Hope you can make it 🙂 x

  2. Libby-Jade Harris 14th April 2018 at 7:09 pm

    I love the idea of the Love Not Landfill event. The Southampton event also sounds amazing, but Southampton is not close to me at all aha. Great post, I had no clue any of these events were happening but now I’m going to give it a google to see if there are any near me happening!x

    1. eleanorclaudie 14th April 2018 at 10:01 pm

      It does sound pretty cool! I’m really excited to go to the event in Southampton as well. Let me know if you do go to any other events, there are some great ones out there for Fashion Revolution week this year x

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