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After a long day at college or revising or work, I’ll usually settle down with a good book at hand, a film, watching Youtube or a documentary on Netflix. My friends are always saying that I should buy a TV for my room because most of the time I just watch everything on my laptop, so maybe I should invest in one of the Panasonic Oled Televisions*? They’re quite large so maybe not the best idea for my room but for general viewing I think they’re perfect. I also think a TV in my room may be the source of much distraction ie. watching university challenge rather than learning my French vocab (although which one is the real priority, one may question).


After reading The Lonely City by Olivia Laing, a book I thought I mentioned in my International Women’s Day post but it turns out I didn’t, although on retrospect I’m kind of glad I didn’t because despite being written by a wonderful female author the book does focus heavily on male art (perhaps not the most celebratory of women’s day). I have been itching to learn more about art and the artists behind the works; the book has been written so beautifully and touches on so many aspects of loneliness that can be found within the people focused in on the book, but also the wider society around them. I keep thinking and refering back to it, taking longer than usual to read the book purely because I wanted to soak in everything Olivia was saying about loneliness, art and the influence of society on who we are and who we may become.

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The selection of art films on Netflix was, not to my surprise, so it’s not like I can avoid my other work to watch some artsy films. A film shedding the light on the commercial side of the art industry is Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World. Like fast fashion, there’s so much behind the scenes that art consumers don’t know about so I’d be interested to see what this one is like. The other art film that interested me was one about behind the scenes of the Met Gala, filming the 2015 China-themed event, titled The First Monday in May. Besides those art documentaries, after reading the book I really want to watch and learn more about Andy Warhol and how he used such modern technology at the time to develop such emotive ‘anti-films’, as they are sometimes called such as Chelsea Girls. I felt like I learnt so much about his life whilst reading the book and felt so uncultured in parts, there was a myriad of things nor people that I knew.

If you wanted something more informed or academic, I have been loving Gresham Lectures lately (you wouldn’t guess I’m a student) but some of the lectures are SO interesting regardless of whether you study history or literature or art. There are series of lectures, short lectures, short series so basically anything for anyone regardless of the time you have to spare to either listen or watch (a lot of the lectures are in a podcast type format). When I was on the Gresham website looking for lectures I could recommend that may be more universally liked I found one called ‘Conspiracy Theories: A Threat to Democracy?‘ Sounding both intriguing and interesting, I think I’ll listen to it on the way to work or college, because there are so many conspiracy theories on the internet and you could spend hours in a mind cave watching or reading them all: but what is their impact? One of the lectures I’ve already watched and loved was about free speech and the study of history, discussing memory laws and whether they’re justified or not. I would definitely recommend listening. There is also a word transcript that usually accompanies the lecture in case you’d rather read them than listen.


Film-wise, I really wanted to see Ladybird. It looked like the film you could just cosy up to whilst contemplating life and decisions and that it would’ve been the epitome of a coming of age film, I could be wrong but the trailer reminded me of such genre. Another film that I’ve been yearning to see after finishing the book is Call Me By Your Name. Dalal wrote a beautiful review on her blog if you want to find out more about the book, there’s the sense of finding oneself, or losing oneself within the book and it runs throughout, I just felt so connected to the characters and ugh I really didn’t want it to end. The film is out on DVD now so I may have to rent it to watch one evening because Timothée Chalamet is my man crush everyyday, his upcoming film Hot Summer Night will most probably be a winner in my books as well.

Are there any films or documentaries you’d like to watch? Or any podcasts you’d like to listen to? I have a list as long as my arm so I may do a post about ones I’d like to listen in the future 🙂

lots of love, eleanor xx

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  1. Iona ☼ (@asweetdstn) 14th April 2018 at 9:11 pm

    I never listen to podcasts, and I rarely watch documentaries or educational stuff. I am so going to check out Gresham Lectures, though. I’ve never heard of it but it sounds really good from how you described it! I guess it’s sort of like TED Talks??

    – Iona

    1. eleanorclaudie 14th April 2018 at 9:35 pm

      It’s a really great website! Yes it is definitely like TED Talks but kind of just for university professors, I honestly would recommend it to anyone though, they’re so interesting (well some of them haha) x

  2. Dalal Tahira 14th April 2018 at 10:06 pm

    I’m not going to lie, the Panasonic Oled TV bit caught me off guard haha. You should check out the In Our Time podcast series by the BBC if you haven’t already, it’s really good for history lovers 😉 I would recommend the Muslim Spain one, it’s so interesting; they have lots of others available to suit your personal interests. I watched Lady Bird a few days ago and I didn’t really know what to think of it, it wasn’t overwhelmingly amazing which I expected as it was basically said to be on par with CMBYN (which is 10000x better, watch it! and I’m so glad you loved the book) so it was a bit of a let down. Definitely watch it though, it’s still a good film (Timothee Chalamet and his floppy hair is in it too) I can’t wait for Hot Summer Nights to come out!

    Dalal //

  3. Libby-Jade Harris 16th April 2018 at 4:51 pm

    I watched Ladybrd and really enjoyed it! Also Call Me By Your Name is such a beautiful film, I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD. I really needed some new things to watch/listen to, I feel like I go through phases where I really stimulate my brain and listen/read such interesting things, but at the moment I’ve hardly been doing anything. I like the sound of the Gresham Lectures (especially the conspiracy theory one you mentioned, I’m a sucker for anything to do with conspiracy theories), going to have a look and see if I can find anything interesting for my train journey later!x

  4. Real Girl Talks 18th April 2018 at 9:10 am

    I once tried to getting into listening to podcasts or reading but couldn’t keep up, actually wasn’t in the right place of life to get involved with something! All your recommendations are making me realize, how much I have been missing on! Thank you for sharing these suggestions, I am gonna add these to my usual documentary weekend binge time!
    Hope you are having a wonderful start to this week! 🙂
    Ankita | Real Girl Talks


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