Books I’ve been loving #1

I absolutely love reading books. It’s such a good stress reliever but it’s so nice to get engrossed in a good book for a while. So whilst this blog is mainly beauty and fashion, I want to incorporate some of my favourite books into it! I love finding great new books to read so every month or so I’m going to put my favourite books on my blog.

Jandy Nelson – I’ll give you the Sun:

A book that has previously been in a monthly favourites is ‘I’ll give you the Sun’ by Jandy Nelson. I absolutely LOVE this book. Despite being crammed full of metaphors (I don’t mind as I have a personal fondness of metaphors, but some people may dislike them). The story itself is about two twins (Noah and Jude) and it follows their lives before and after a tragedy that changes them both as people. The book has a dual narrative, from both Noah and Jude’s perspective however I think that adds to the book, as you feel closer to both of them as a whole, rather than siding to one persons story. The characters are by no means perfect, they are raw and gritty and I think that is why I loved this book so much as they definitely developed throughout the story.

I’m not particularly an emotional reader, but boy I cried at this book. It is one of those books that you finish reading and cannot stop thinking about. I read it in May and I still rave on about it to my friends (needless to say they are probably tired of my endless book recommendations) and I just loved it from start to finish. Jandy Nelson’s style of writing is definitely a love/hate type of writing – but I urge you to read it nonetheless. 

Ali Smith – How to be both:
‘How to be both’ by Ali Smith is an extremely clever novel about two love tales – one set in the 1460s and the other in the modern day. They are both twisted together into one and this creates the basis of the novel.
The language used in this book is superb and it is such a fresh plot. The book is like nothing I’ve ever read before and that for me is so refreshing as a lot of books follow very similar storylines. I would say this is the most grown up book of the three books featured. Whilst it is an amazing piece of writing, some of it shocked me so if you are a younger reader of my blog maybe this isn’t the book for you (just a little warning).

Something about this book that may seem odd but you get used to is that all the speech (and there is quite a bit of it) does not have speech marks. Why it does not have speech marks I do not know but I think it adds a quirkiness to the book and I quite like it!

E.Lockhart – We were liars:  
Another book that featured in a monthly favourites (and deservingly so) is ‘We were liars’ by E. Lockhart. It is not a massive book but it doesn’t need to be. From the characters to the storyline and the language used this book has all the feels. In spite of the fact it is set in America, you still feel like you are being transported into a completely different world (do not fear, it is not sci-fi though). Like I said above, I do not often cry at books, but I was holding back tears whilst reading this on a beach in France.

The only flaw in this book would be that the characters could be developed more. Whilst there are descriptions, there is so much mystery surrounding the deeper side to some of the people in the story. In this sense you fail to connect with some of them and I think if the characters were developed more, the plot would have had more impact.

I’d be very much interested to read more books written by E. Lockhart as I was just encaspulated by the story and her use of language was so streamline along with the plot. Despite being confused in parts of the story, the more you read the clearer it gets. Whether that was intentional or me just being not quite with it – this book is such an incredibly read.

I would love to know some of your favourite books, so leave me a comment of a few down below and I’ll add them to my ever growing reading list!

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