Blogs/YouTube channels worth a look at #1

I watch YouTube and read blogs way to much, there’s just no denying it – the fact there’s always going to be something new is so exciting (I do have a life outside this don’t worry though). There comes to a point where I love finding new blogs/YouTube channels. So I thought I’d share a few blogs and channels I’ve been loving lately and think you should check out too! 
ICovetThee – so I’ve been following Alix’s blog for a while, but only recently realised she had a YouTube! I love her videos very much as they seem so real, compared to other youtubers that I feel have a sort of facade (I can’t quite put my finger on it but they don’t always seem honest about what they’re saying). She’s quite a big YouTuber, but it doesn’t detract from her videos at all and I love her channel! Alix just talks about things that I feel I could take advice from and when she recommends a product, I want it so much and I think that’s a real mark of a great blogger/youtuber! If you haven’t seen her YouTube yet – watch it! You won’t be disappointed!
Instagram: @icovetthee
Twitter: @icovetthee
TayloredBeauty – I love this girl so much! Her blog posts are so chatty and I genuinely feel whatever she’s recommending is worth it! We could have endless chats about Nars or the latest drugstore buys (ah I do love a good chat about beauty items). Taylor’s Instagram is also great as well, her backgrounds are always so creative and I took inspiration from one for the photo at the top of this post! She’s one of those bloggers you read and feel you know her already and that’s something I love in a blogger – there’s a good balance between being personal in a blog post, whilst still talking about beauty products – seriously she’s so worth the read!

Instagram – @tayloredbeauty_
Twitter – @tayloredbeauty_ 

JasmineHardingMakeup – Jasmine Harding’s blog is so gorgeous and clean and her beauty posts are great! The first thing I have to say about her blog is the layout; it’s so pretty and how she posts almost every day I don’t know – but it means I always have a post to read! They’re all very relevant to the beauty world right now, I feel her posts are all so professional yet user friendly and she seems a really nice genuine person!

Layla Panam – a fashion blogger that I feel I can definitely take inspiration from is Layla Panan. Her style is simple yet so gorgeous and I literally love everything she wears! I must admit, I’m not usually a fan of fashion bloggers, I’ll usually just scroll through their posts and look at outfits, without actually reading what goes with it, but with Layla I do! I always find myself wanting to know what she says about what she’s wearing and I love all her blog posts! 
Instagram: @laylapanam
Twitter: @laylapanam

Sophblogsbeauty – since I started blogging early this year there is no denying I have read/found new blogs that I love! (Most of which are in this post.) Sophblogsbeauty was probably one of the first Instagram accounts I followed – her Instagram is @sophblogsbeauty and OMG her makeup collection is so enviable (serious makeup porn)! But her blog is so great as well! Her posts always contain content I find interesting, they focus on a variety of different things, ranging from a review of a shampoo or a makeup tutorial!
Instagram: @sophblogsbeauty
Twitter: @sophiedavo
Jasminetalksbeauty – Jasmine talks beauty is a blog I’ve been loving for a while. Her blog posts are definitely all ones I want to read, ranging from dupe posts to reviews of hyped products (regardless of whether I like reviews or not, knowing whether a hyped product is worth it or not is always handy)! They’re always ones I’m eager to read and I can assure you I look forward to every post this girl writes! They’re so new and fresh – never failing to make me want yet another beauty product (I’m still going strong on the makeup ban though!) I cannot rave about Jasmine enough!
All these blogs/channels are so great in my opinion and I can’t believe they don’t have more followers! I would love if you guys leave a comment below of any bloggers/YouTubers you been loving lately, as I’m always on the hunt for someone new to discover! 


  1. TayloredBeauty 20th July 2015 at 8:57 am

    This is so sweet, thank you!! Lots of love xx

  2. Eleanor Pritchard 20th July 2015 at 3:08 pm

    That's okay! They're such great bloggers as well! 🙂 x


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