Back to school trilogy: what’s in my school bag

It’s funny seeing what’s in people’s school bags (well I find it funny) – there’s no doubt I probably put way more that’s needed but I always seem to overpack without even trying – do I need that pack of 20 colouring pens? Nope. Will I put them in my bag? Most probably. So a massive bag is very much needed.

My gorgeous bag from Urban Outfitters fits practically everything I want it to, the only impracticality is that there isn’t a zip – which probably isn’t great if it rains but I can overlook it as it really is the nicest ‘big’ bag that I’ve found in a while. Most of the space will be taken by my books/revision guides etc. but never fear I’ll still carry a notebook. The one in my bag at the moment is from IKEA but there are some lovely ones from Urban Outfitters (although they’re a little too expensive for my liking). I have a seriously love for cute notebooks but they always seem to be so expensive! My IKEA one is great though as it’s got blank pages so I can fill it with whatever. There’s no forgetting my pens, pencils and essential school stationary. Different schools may require you to have different supplies – I would have spent more money on cuter supplies from paperchase etc. but I have a bad habit of losing things and probably go through about 50 pens tho right the year so I’ll just stick to cheaper supplies! 
Since I’m starting my GCSES this year I thought I’d put a pack of colouring pens in my bag incase I need to write notes. I feel that is remember them more if they were written in brightly coloured writing!
I’ll bring some deodorant just in case I need it after PE (slightly tmi but its a necessary) and also a mascara. I’ll always have one in my bag just incase I need to reapply in the day. I would say that I bring a powder but knowing me I would probably forget to keep putting it in my bag so I’ll just have to live with a shiny forehead (classic lazy people problems). Handwash is essential for school as that place is not the cleanest in the world (and the toilets aren’t any better). I’ve got the soap and glory hand maid and it smells divine, even though I’m not sure how good it actually is at cleaning my hands! I’ll pop a lip balm in my bag as well although that will probably transfer to my blazer – I am determined to not get dry lips this year! 

I’ve just got my water bottle (which will be filled with water don’t worry) and my glasses case for when I’m not wearing my glasses! Finally I couldn’t not bring my headphones to school! I walk to and from school and sometimes I just want to shut the world outside and listen to my favourite new songs (stay tuned for Thursday’s post for a school playlist)! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a nosy around my school bag – what are your school essentials? 


  1. Eleanor Pritchard 13th September 2015 at 4:12 pm

    Thank you! And yes a deodorant and hand gel are always hand bag essentials <3 x


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