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I’m incredibly excited to share with you the first interview from the new part of my blog #anewageinspiration (here’s the link to my post explaining all about it). It is with Neal Gershinson the owner of Made jewellery. All the photos are taken from the Made website or ASOS

Made works with artisans to create hand crafted jewellery; they have previously worked with some of the 
fashion industry’s biggest names such as Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton, retailers including John 
Lewis, ASOS and Topshop and designers such as Pippa Small. Employing over 60 men and women in 
their workshop in Kenya (which was founded in 2005) Made teaches locals new skills and provides long 
term employment, empowering developing communities in Kenya through the production of unique and utterly gorgeous accessories. I couldn’t possibly do this interview without picking out my favourite piece from their website (and I found it incredibly hard to even buy just one product) but I settled on the double luck necklace – it’s so gorgeous! 

How and when was Made founded?
In 1995,through a love of travel and desire to work with a community of artisans who made beautiful products and who didn’t want aid but just sustainable trade !   

How do you approach new seasons and trends? Where do the ideas evolve from?
We tend to do our own thing and work to the strengths of the team who make the jewellery.

What is the process in creating the pieces? 
Everything is hand made using materials such as recycled brass,glass and wire. we cast brass in a traditional way, solder, cut, sand sculpt and carve.

Each piece in the Made collection is hand crafted by skilled artisans, why do you feel it is so important to tell a story through the pieces? 
The artisans are wonderfully skilled they are resourceful and everything they make is made with passion and pride, we don’t just put it in a machine press a button and it comes out the other side.  

Why should people choose fair trade and how does it help support the people behind the products? 
People should buy what they like, it’s certainly not our desire to dictate. Brands who choose to produce like Made have to make their products desirable so consumers want it. If the demand is there then we can invest in our team and create meaningful sustainable employment with opportunities. 

For consumers willing to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, what advice would you give them?
Feel it’s OK to ask questions about how things are made and by who and where they come from, no supply chain is perfect and we certainly want to do more but its about brands and retailers wanting to go on that journey that’s important.     

Basic line bracelet

It was a pleasure to interview Neal for #anewageinspiration and I definitely think they are, both their jewellery and their back story make a wonderful combination. If anyone does buy one of their products I would love to see what you get!



  1. Girl Abroad 19th September 2016 at 4:33 pm

    This was really interesting to read! I need to get back into wearing jewellry – the gorgeous pieces in this post have definitely inspired me!

    Mind checking out my recent – it's a brand collab and outfit post ft. my fav bomber jacket of all time!

    Alice x

  2. Eleanor Pritchard 20th September 2016 at 3:55 pm

    They are totally gorgeous – I would literally buy everything! xx


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