about me

If you’ve stumbled on this page I guess you’d like to know a bit about me! I started this blog in January 2015 – it was a way of sharing my love for beauty and fashion with people on the internet, never did I ever think I that I would get around 7000 unique visitors per month! Over time, my blog has grown into a hub of ethical fashion content, with the aim to educate and inspire you to buy more ethically and sustainably. There is also a wealth of lifestyle content that largely focuses on books and academia, as well as travel. 

I have just finished my A Levels in History, English Literature and French and am hoping to go to university to study History and French which will be a journey in itself and I hope I can bring you along with me. 

My current profile picture that is on the sidebar of this blog is designed and illustrated by the lovely Ella Masters, who’s art never fails to amaze me. I cannot thank her enough for designing such a beautiful image, thank you Ella! If you wanted to get in touch with her, Ella’s website is here: http://www.ellamasters.co.uk

I love your opinions on what I write and just reading comments on my blog posts make my day, leave your blog link as I try to look at all of them 🙂 I’ve linked a couple of my favourite posts/posts that sum up my blog down below if you didn’t know what to read first!

What will be will be – a post on rejection and moving forward
self care for the everyday – self care tips to help you through any time of the year
back to basics: ethical underwear – an introduction into affordable ethical lingerie brands and a dip into the ethical fashion content that is on Eleanor Claudie