A year on EC

This past year on my blog has flown by, I just can’t believe what I’ve achieved and the fact I’ve actually stuck with something for a whole year astounds me. I cannot express in words how much those who read and comment on this blog mean to me; through this blog I have gained so much confidence and I love blogging so much.

This time last year I never would have realised how much a blog would have changed my mindset and view on life. On the 22nd January 2015 I uploaded my first blog post, a review of the Naked 3 palette with the aim to post once a week, maybe more if I had the time. Now I regularly blog twice a week and love reading your comments about what I write. Not only that but I’ve made friends through blogging as well, the community is so nice and I love chatting to bloggers through social media (even if I do get lured into buying new beauty items)!

I’m not going to get really cheesy and tell you all how much blogging has changed my life but it has, the person I was last year is no way near the person I am now and despite other factors having an impact on who I am blogging also plays a large part in that. Lastly; I want to say the biggest THANK YOU to everyone that reads my blog and I hope 2016 brings even more fun and blogging than last year! Here’s to one year of EleanorClaudie and hopefully many more!

Thank youuuuu for commenting on ma blog, it's much appreciated