A postcard from McBusted : my first concert

“Take care of your memories. For you cannot relive them.” Bob Dylan once said and how true that is.

On Monday night I went to see one of my favourite bands ‘Mcbusted’ in concert; it was the first concert I’ve ever been to and it certainly won’t be the last! It was incredible! I didn’t quite realise how amazing it would be till I was there, the sound is phenomenal and the atmosphere was something else. Let’s just say I really want to go to another concert but for now I can look back and remember this night for a very long time! 
My top tips for concerts (the ones I discovered from Mcbusted):
•Dress appropriately for the weather but keep in mind the venue will be much warmer. You probably realised that already, but I wore jeans as the weather was warm but not hot outside (they were black so that didn’t help either) and I was so hot! My friend wore shorts and although she may have been cold when we got outside, she made the right choice when we were in the concert – so remember what you wear will matter (think floaty, baggy – nothing tight and confining). I’m not sure if this would matter so much if you were seated, but definitely if you are standing! 
•Make sure you have everything you may need. I brought a small bag in which I could carry a snack – this was a biscuit wrapped up so it was easier – definitely came in handy! The concert I went to had an open bottle policy so kept that in mind  if you want to bring water etc.
•Make sure you eat before you go. I had a late lunch of pasta and a banana before I left. This ensured I wasn’t hungry before and during the concert. I had the snack between one of the support acts to keep me going. We had McDonald’s after the concert, but remember you don’t want to be left hungry!
•Bring money for merchandise and beverages. I didn’t quite realise how expensive merch would be, however I came equipped with £20 and managed to buy a booklet for £10 and a wristband for £4.
•Wear comfortable shoes because if you’re standing it will be for a VERY long time! High heels are definitely not a place for concerts. 
Hope some of these tips may help and have a happy Thursday! Have you been to any concerts recently? 

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