50 facts about me

Tomorrow I turn 15 so I thought I’d do a little (or big) 50 facts about me post! I think it’s a good way for you to get to know me more and I also don’t think that I actually know 50 facts about myself… well I’ll at least try!

1. My full name is Eleanor Claudie Pritchard.
2. Therefore the inspiration for my blog name was just my first and middle name (I know it’s incredibly boring but I like it so I’m glad it’s stuck).
3. My birthday is the 10th November 2000.
4. My all time favourite show is Gossip Girl (The Vampire Diaries is a close second). Chuck and Blair are my favourite TV couple – probably one of the reasons I love it so much.
5. I also love Once Upon a Time and the person who plays Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) is one of my celebrity crushes *heart eyes emoji*.
6. As you can probably already tell, I love makeup and clothes a little too much. 
7. Despite not being the biggest fan of chocolate (shocking I know) I’m absolutely obsessed with Oreos. Honestly they’re like the only sweet thing I don’t get bored of eating. 
8. The last fact was a lie. I’m also an fan of popcorn (sweet and salty – I love both)!
9. Once you get to know me I’m probably the most irritating person ever – in a good way… I think?
10. I have quite sensitive skin so I’m always on the hunt for products that don’t irritate my skin (I currently have a skincare routine that I love. 
11. I cut my hair really short last year for charity.
12. After last year I’ve been growing my hair, although I keep getting it cut short as I kind of love it short.
13. People say I’m small but I’m 5ft 3 and I’m quite happy with the height I am (and at least Topshop have jeans short enough)! 
14. The one beauty item I cannot live without is lip balm – especially now that it’s autumn/winter.
15. I like to buy clothes that won’t go out of style quickly as I think they will last me longer. 
16. I have size 5 feet (which aren’t the best when shoe shopping as there are so many people that are size 5 there are none left).
17. My favourite vegetable is broccoli, you totally didn’t need to know that fact but I just love those green florets.
18. I am such a morning person. I love getting up early but I do love a lie in when I can have one!
19. My favourite restaurant is Wagamamas – I had my first one year and I absolutely love going there. If anyone’s interested my favourite dish is the Yaki Soba.
20. I don’t have any piercings. I’m not scared to get my ears pierced at all, I just don’t really feel a need to get them done (maybe I’ll get them done in the future though).
21. I also don’t have any tattoos (due to my age) and don’t really want any in the future – I think I would get bored really easily of the same drawing on my skin every day. 
22. I HATE celery. Honestly cannot think of a vegetable worse. 
23. I don’t have a job yet although I would love to work in the fashion industry when I’m older.
24. I’m not great with scary films and I would never watch them at my own house as I think I wouldn’t be able to sleep!
25. The lipstick I wear the most often is MAC’s Twig. It’s probably not my favourite lipstick but it’s the one I gravitate to most and it’s definitely up there with my top three faves.
26. If I had a super power I think it would be invisibility – I just think that would be so cool!
27. I LOVE rings. There’s not much I can expand on that other than I have way too many and still want more!
28. I only play one instrument and that is the piano. I love playing and I also love listening to it as well – there’s something so beautiful about the way it sounds.
29. I would like to think that I am a very positive person but everyone probably says that, I can definitely get anxious a lot of the time – I just find way to deal with it.
30. I really don’t like junk food. Sometimes I’m literally craving it but I just can’t see the attraction to it. 
31. I’m terrible at most sports.
32. Despite being terrible at most sports, I love dance and do Ballet.
33. I really dislike shows like the X factor, they’re so staged and I don’t know why so many people love them.
34. I am majorly scared of heights but whenever I do something that involves heights afterwards I feel amazing – so maybe I am slowly conquering my fear.
35. I’m also really scared of roller coasters and don’t think I’ll be conquering that fear anytime soon.
36. I get really distracted easily.
37. I want to go to a fashion show and hope someday I will.
38. My favourite place in the UK is London as I just love the atmosphere and the buzz of the city.
39. My second favourite place is Brighton, it’s so cute and despite only going to Brighton once i’m in love with the place.
40. I love taking photos (one of the reasons why I started my blog) and hope to get a camera for Christmas!
41. I’m obsessed with watching YouTube videos and find that they really help me to relax.
42. Painting my nails is also one of my favourite ways to chill out and relax.
43. One of my favourite films is Notting Hill. My best friend made me watch it and I can’t believe I’d never seen it before then – I love it!
44. When I’m older I really want to travel the world, much like a lot of people.
45. I have a kind of jumper obsession – I own too many of the same variation of jumper it’s bad! Knowing me I’ll still buy more though!
46. My Grandma is French so that makes me quarter French! I’m taking French for my GCSE’s and I love the language although I’m definitely not the best at it 
47. I’m an only child and when I was younger I always wanted a brother or sister but I’m not too bothered now.
48. I used to worry a lot about what people thought of me but I don’t really mind what people think of me know – haters gonna hate ya know.
49. My favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla or Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough.
50. This is fact 50 and I can’t believe I actually have 50 facts about myself so here’s the last one – I love writing for my blog and I cant believe you all read it! Thank you so much <3 

That concludes my 50 facts about me post – if you got to the end then congrats! Leave me a comment below about your favourite 


  1. Jade Millard 4th April 2016 at 2:51 pm

    I absolutely loved reading this post! When I find a new blog to read, I really enjoy getting to know more about the person. We actually have quite a lot in common, and we're the same age! How cool is that? I'd totally love to be friends with you!! Xx


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