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I always love reading these type of posts when I’m stuck for blog post ideas, when the world of beauty and fashion is changing so often, it can sometimes be hard to blog about all the latest beauty products that can often be quite expensive. I find a lot of blogs are heavily based on reviews (I know I do review posts but that’s because I do want you guys to hear my thoughts!) whilst I love reading reviews I do like changing my posts up and not always stick with the same posts!

So here are 25 blog post ideas you might want to write!

1. Monthly favourites – here’s one post every month guaranteed. I do mine in a more casual style, so I do five things I’ve. (beauty, fashion or lifestyle) and just generally talk about why I love that thing in particular.
2. Beauty or fashion wishlist – I’ll let you into a little secret here; this is usually the post I do when I don’t have any inspiration. It’s just fun to write about clothes you want to buy or beauty products that have caught your eye. I usually do either a fashion or beauty wishlist once a month!
3. Blogs/YouTube channels you’ve been loving – I LOVE these posts! Especially the ones on youtubers that you’ve been loving as I love finding new youtubers to watch! 
4. A post on a particular makeup product – so focus on primers and talk about your favourite primers. Or a somewhat easier makeup product to talk about its lipsticks. Do a post on your favourite pink lipsticks etc. These are posts I definitely like to see! 
5. Q&A – these don’t have to be specifically for YouTube! Just ask for some questions and write your answers – hey presto you’ve got yourself a blog post! 
6. Makeup/fashion inspiration – who do you get your clothes inspiration from? Are there any bloggers who’s styles you love? Makeup looks you can’t get enough of? 
7. Updated makeup routine – talk about what you like to put on your face and why – simple! 
8. Products you regret buying – anything you’ve bought and hated? Chances are people are going to want to know why you don’t like it – so why not write about it? 
9. Things to do when you’re bored – I love watching these videos on YouTube but it doesn’t mean it can’t be a blog post! We all get bored so some ideas on what to do would be a great idea! 
10. Makeup haul – I’m not going to lie here, I think it’s hard to write about a fashion haul. It’s much easier to see clothing items in a video. But I think with makeup it’s alright to in either format! So show the gorgeous makeup you’ve bought recently.
11. Outfit of the day/week – share of what you’ve been wearing that day/week, people love some outfit inspiration!
12. Nail ideas/tutorials – I don’t usually put nail art on my nails, but I love seeing some fun nail ideas. Whether that’s just plain nails colours or nail art it’s a great idea! 
13. Favourite Instagram accounts – Instagram accounts you’re totally loving right now – chances are people will wanna see them too!
14. Any advice you think would help people – advice posts are great and definitely can be relatable to other people – why not help people?
15. Review something you recently brought – reviews don’t hurt every once in a while!
16. What you do to save money – these posts are AWESOME! When trying to save for things these posts are so handy to read – so if you have any tips – share them! 
17. What’s in your bag? – because yes, we are all that nosey!
18. Five high end products worth buying – it doesn’t have to be five, just high end products you think people should buy! It’s great for people just getting into makeup! 
19. What makes you feel good – talk about things that make you happy etc.
20. Photography tips – what angles do you take photos at, any backgrounds you love using for photos. What Instagram filters do you use? Everyone loves a photography tips post!  
21. A list of singers/bands you’re loving right now – talk about your favourite songs from them, I know I definitely love finding new artists and I’m sure other people would love to as well! 
22. Simple smoothie recipes – smoothie recipes that everyone can try are a great idea. They’re healthy, but keep it simple because recipes that have lots of obscure ingredients could put people off! 
23. Have a chat about something that means a lot to you – do a post from the heart <3 
24. Talk about a specific clothing item – take a clothing staple and say how you would style it/what you would style it with. I definitely love these types of posts!
25. Do a facts about you post – let your blog readers get to know you! Break the internet barrier with some facts about you! 
I hope this post may have helped some of you who are stuck for new ideas! Let me know your favourite posts to read in the comments below! 


  1. Eleanor Pritchard 14th July 2015 at 6:07 pm

    Glad I could help! These posts are always handy when I've got writing block too! x

  2. Eleanor Pritchard 14th July 2015 at 6:08 pm

    That's okay! Hope it gave you a few ideas that could help 🙂


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