Another year on and it seems like yesterday that I was writing the post titled ‘16‘. But one year later, I’ve just read it and wow did I sound enthusiastic about becoming 16. Going into the seventeenth year of my existence I can’t say I’m more enthused but I can perhaps say that I have a clearer vision of what I want to do and who I want to be in this hazy world.

So what’s changed over the past year? Do things in last years post ring true? I mentioned in last years post that: ‘over the past year I’ve changed, the people around me have changed and I don’t know why everyone always assumes that’s a bad thing.’ Needless to say, one year on and I still feel the same. Starting a college has meant a shift in friendships but probably for the better and it’s opened my eyes to how much I treasure the ones I have now. 

One thing that has changed within this year is my social life. It feels weird discussing something like that on my blog but my 16th birthday was a weird one. I wasn’t sure whether I would expect to turn 16 and suddenly wake up with a large group of friends. I’m not particularly the type of person that likes having a large group of friends but it got the point where I would dread weekends because I knew I’d spend them alone. Then something changed during and after exams and I’m not sure how, I’m not sure why but I no longer would wake up feeling so incredibly lonely like I did before. I made plans with my friends, those plans didn’t fall through, I had the best summer (you can read about it here) . I don’t know but I think writing last years post I was pretending to be happy, it was my birthday after all, but I would’ve written that post and gone back to having my head in a book rather than going out with my best friends. Also I probably should’ve gone out more during exam season because my mental health suffered terribly then. 

After the best summer in possibly forever, I didn’t want to go to college and regress back to feeling like I did before, although meeting new people that was less likely to happen. Like I wrote my end of an era post thinking I was going to have a twelve week holiday of hardly going out… wow was I wrong. I had a new found confidence, it wasn’t like I wasn’t a confident person before. Honestly I’ve just put it down to being socially awkward because I actually love going out and doing things that people my age are meant to be doing instead of staying in reading, not that I don’t love that, but there’s only so much time in one’s own company that you can handle. 

Personal qualms aside, I guess we should talk about Eleanor Claudie and how it’s evolved during my year of being 16. I said in last year’s post I wanted to talk more about art, feminism and ethical issues and that’s definitely something that I have embraced, I’ve stuck to and I’m looking forward to chatting about it more over the next year and beyond. It’s not something I’m going to stop discussing on my blog. Ethical fashion is something that I talk about with my friends, my mum and basically anyone that is willing to listen. 

I look so happy because I had food, obviously 🙂 ft. top made by moi

Something I also discussed on my blog this year during the election was about youth and politics. I asked people should 16 year olds get the vote? The general opinion was yes, they should and it was honestly one of my favourite posts to write despite writing about two weeks before exams started (once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator). But possibly my most exciting post of this year was my post with the UK Parliament about UK Parliament Week 2017 (next week everyone so watch out for some exciting posts on all things politics and politics).

Although I’m not perhaps posting as regularly as I used to, I’m enjoying it a whole lot more and the posts that I do post I’m super proud of and I want that to continue this year. I don’t want to put pressure on myself for my blog because that defeats the reason to why I started it in the first place. What do I want to achieve on Eleanor Claudie next year? I said I want to push for positive change and I think that will continue, I want to make ethical fashion as accessible for you all as I can find it and I want to continue educating myself and those who read this blog about things that generally interest me, whether it be the history of fashion or a French film that I found particularly moving. I want you to feel inspired reading this blog (pls give me feedback on things you do want to see though, I am always welcome to suggestions). 

I know this year is going to be another year of working hard but I’m looking forward to 17. I’m writing this post in one of the best mind spaces I’ve been in for so long, I’m not sure quite how this happiness has prolonged since summer but it can stay a little while longer. So much is already planned for the next twelve months and I am so excited, here’s to this current state of suspension and being another year older! 

And to end, as though it’s becoming a yearly tradition, here is my birthday playlist for this year. 

Birthday playlist

Vance Joy – Like Gold
Vance Joy – Lay it on me
Blossoms – Getaway
The Hunna – Piece by Piece
Sundara Karma – She Said 
Hippo Campus – Buttercup
lots of love, eleanor xx


  1. Katie Hunter 10th November 2017 at 8:48 pm

    ah, I think 17 was one of my favourite ages yet (except the frustration near the end of not being able to legally go clubbing hahah, but fake id made up for that (oops)). I'm so super happy at how positive 16 was for you and that you managed to find more of a balance between time alone (which is so important) and time socialising, which is also so important. Enjoy the year to come, seriously have fun and take it (relatively) easy (which I know is easier said than done, in some cases) because I sort of regret the amount of pressure I put on myself in year 12 (although I was only 16 for the vast vast majority of that school year!) happy birthday gal!XX

  2. Lucy Alice 10th November 2017 at 10:59 pm

    Happy birthday again lovely, 17 is a really fun age to be at and you're still learning and growing as a person and just make the most of college as much as you can hahah!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Eleanor Pritchard 11th November 2017 at 8:12 am

    Thank you!! I'm definitely going to try and keep that balance although I feel like I could put the same pressure on myself that you did as well, let's hope I keep this mindset! xx

  4. Eleanor Pritchard 11th November 2017 at 8:22 am

    Thank you! I definitely am so far, I absolutely love it (like I've said before I still think I'm in the honeymoon stage)

  5. Erin Grace 11th November 2017 at 3:59 pm

    Happy birthday! It's so interesting to read you reflect on the past year and hear what you would like to achieve this year. I have also just turned 17 so I feel very similar, it's been such a change over the past few months but I am trying to embrace it! I also love your birthday playlist, I listen to She Said by Sundara Karma all the time right now so I was so excited it got a mention! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  6. Odd Girl Out 11th November 2017 at 10:25 pm

    Happy Birthday!! have a great day :)) enjoy being 17 'the dancing queeeeen'!! 😀 xxx

  7. Carol Hedges 12th November 2017 at 9:17 am

    Enjoyed this. Whatever else you are (I'm 67..eeep) you are a good writer. Never lose that. Good luck at college and PLEASE would you ALL try to make this world a better place!

  8. Besma | Curiously Conscious 12th November 2017 at 4:52 pm

    Happy birthday to you! Reading through this, it's clear you've grown and your blog has grown with you too – exactly how I like to feel each year I look back over what I've done. I hope it all continues as you write some brilliant posts!

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

  9. Esme Madeline 12th November 2017 at 5:57 pm

    Darling Eleanor, happy happy belated birthday. As a blog bystander, if you will, I love seeing you and your blog change and evolve and becoming even cooler than you already were (is that possible…?) I've never been 17 but I hope its the best year for you so far. I am so so excited for the coming year's posts, and hope it holds the very very best the world has to offer for you. Thank you for helping make my own experience of blogging so wonderful. Lots of love x


  10. Dalal Tahira 12th November 2017 at 7:30 pm

    I would say 17 is a very anti-climactic year BUT it is one of growth and self-discovery. It is an age that will bridge the gap between "childhood" and adulthood, I mean it's scary but it's doable and is just another year that will pass. I've definitely seen a difference in your blog content (in the best way possible) and I'm looking forward to everything to come 😉

    Dalal // monochromedaisies.blogspot.com


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