10 random things to be happy about

I haven’t done a lifestyle post like this in a while, so I thought I’d take a bit of time to write one. There are always things to be upset about, but on the other hand there are also loads more things to be happy about! In the past I’ve written posts such as ‘things we shouldn’t be afraid of’ and ‘looking at things in a better light’ all little snippets to perhaps improve the way you see situations you’re faced with in life. So today’s post I thought I’d do ’10 random things to happy about’, just simple (and quite random) everyday things to be thankful/happy about – I hope you can read this and it will remind you that there are always things to be happy about!

Someone, somewhere loves you. Whether it be friends or family, a boyfriend or girlfriend – someone loves you just the way you are. All your quirks, your likes and dislikes. You and only you. Something about knowing that seriously brightens my mood because I know someone out there cares about me. It sounds incredibly cheesy but it’s true! It doesn’t cost anything to tell someone how much they mean to you so why not make today the day – it’ll make someone’s day just that bit better and it’ll make you feel good too! Spreading the love <3
Putting on your favourite outfit. There is nothing better than putting on your favourite outfit, whether it be sweatpants and a jumper or a more dressy look, it’s always nice to just feel comfortable in what you’re wearing! 
The feeling you get when someone smiles at you. Don’t deny it, you’re probably thinking of someone who’s done that to you right now (well I am anyway). When someone smiles at you because of something you’ve said and they’re just happy with your company – it is like the best feeling in the world. I bet there’s a time where someone has done this and just be grateful to have them in your life!

Proving yourself wrong. Think you can’t do something then you do? Now that’s a great feeling. Whether it be getting the grade you wanted or completed something before the deadline. You did it! 
Buying something you’ve wanted for a long time. Have you been lusting over something for a really long time? There’s nothing better than buying that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye one for a while. Happiness all around (except maybe for your purse, but lets not worry about that).
Being happy for someone else. It’s weird but seeing people happy almost makes me more happy than if it was myself. Like when someone gets a good grade and they’re so happy about it, or they’re just happy about a little thing/something they’ve done it’s so great to feel happy for someone! It doesn’t have to be a massive thing but it’s great seeing people upbeat about something!

Putting on your favourite perfume. A task we probably do most mornings, but isn’t it great when you just put on a scent you love? 
Being inside when it’s raining. Especially on a Sunday when you’re all lazy and not doing anything. Because we always seem to be moving about, be happy that you’re inside when the weathers not great (grab a movie and just relax). This one is kind of random but I really like it when it’s raining and you’re inside in the cosy warmth.
Being enamoured by a book your reading. I get so happy when I buy a book, or just start reading a book and love it. Being engulfed in the story-line and getting attached to all the characters. Whenever i’m stressed it’s just nice to pick up a book and read it – you’re thinking more about the characters life than your own and it always calms me down when I read. On the other hand don’t just read if you’re stressed! Reading should be for the pleasure and take the time to really enjoy a good book.
Listening to your favourite music. Okay, this one always makes me happy. Appreciating the music you listen to always brightens my mood. There isn’t a day when I don’t really listen to music – there is always a tune on in the background (currently listening to Major Lazer – powerful whilst writing this now!) Music is something to appreciate and it is definitely something to smile about.
So I also took to Twitter to ask what little things make you happy and this is what some of you said! 
@eleanorclaudie Old people holding hands, nice children, my boyfriend making dinner so I can blog, train journeys, reading books #bbloggers

— Holly (@closingwinter) August 30, 2015

@eleanorclaudie the first cup of coffee in the morning 😍

— Pinja♡ (@pinja_k) August 30, 2015

@eleanorclaudie tea, always tea 🙂

— Eline Punt (@xxelinex) August 30, 2015 

If you’re having a bad day, just remember there are always things to be happy about, no matter how small they are. There are so many other little things to be happy about – so what are things that make you happy?


  1. Lissy Hayes 23rd September 2015 at 9:19 pm

    I love these posts! I really like being inside when it's raining too and I also like it when someone you don't know smiles at you randomly in the street and they smile back.

    love, lissyhayes.co.uk

  2. Eleanor Pritchard 24th September 2015 at 2:47 pm

    That's such a good idea! I might have to steal that idea haha 🙂 xx

  3. Eleanor Pritchard 24th September 2015 at 2:48 pm

    Thank you! Escaping in a book is such a good stress reliever xx

  4. Eleanor Pritchard 25th September 2015 at 6:41 am

    Yes! I love it when people do that – spreading the love 🙂


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